Broadband technology and product news, July 2015
07 July 2015 by Saul Waldram
Meet the cheapest 4G smartphone ever: The EE Rook
Smartphones with 4G capability have been getting cheaper and cheaper, but EE has hit new lows with its latest budget handset.....

WiFi in a franchised world
Most of us will be aware of the term “franchise” which is the practice of leasing the rights to duplicate a successful business model and its brand.

5 Bad Wi-Fi culprits- and how to avoid them
Say it’s up to you to pick a Wi-Fi solution. If the Wi-Fi experience is great—fast and dependable—you’re a hero.

East Sussex UK Signs Extended Fibre Broadband Rollout Contract
The East Sussex County Council, which is working in partnership with Brighton and Hove City, has today become one of the last local authorities in England to sign a Superfast Extension Programme.

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