Broadband technology and product news, July 2015
27 July 2015 by Saul Waldram
EE Home Broadband Growth Slows as UK 4G Coverage Hits 90 Percent
Mobile giant EE has reported their latest Q2 2015 results today, which revealed that the operators 4G network coverage had reached the 90% (population) milestone.....

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Consumers are missing out on tens of millions of pounds of savings due to problems with switching broadband provider, it has emerged on the day that regulations to make it easier to switch come into force.

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Broadband bills could rise as the UK government decides how to bring high-speed internet access to remote areas.

Poor Home WiFi Driving UK Home Internet Users to Mobile Broadband
A new survey of 2,000 British adults from Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) has claimed that 1 in 4 people are using a Mobile Broadband (3G, 4G) connection at home in order to get online because their fixed line broadband fuelled home WiFi service is not good enough.

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