Cisco WiFi Routers (N)

Cisco RV130W WiFi Broadband Router (300Mbps N) RV130W-E-K9-G5
The Cisco RV130W Wireless-N Multifunction VPN Router is an easy-to-use, flexible, high-performance device well suited for small businesses...
£126.48 / £105.40 ex vat


Paired with an External Ethernet Modem, Wireless N Broadband Routers can be set up in only a few minutes to let you share your Internet connection, share files, printers, and hard drives from anywhere in your wireless range or by wired Ethernet connectivity that is provided by one of the 4 port on the back of the Wireless N Broadband router.

Choosing the Wireless N Broadband Router to suit your individual requirements can be a confusing business! To help you make the right decision, we have created a short video to various wireless options and the coverage they provide. Please note this is just a guide, every home or office is different and we cannot guarantee coverage and speed.

Wireless N (802.11n)

Are you experiencing wireless drop-outs? Poor wireless range? If standard wireless G networking doesn't meet your expectations then Wireless N is your answer. Wireless N provides a breakthrough solution for larger homes or offices that have a wide area to cover and want to run multimedia and high-bandwidth applications. With its significant range and speed Wireless N is ideal for streaming video, music and photos, online gaming, Web-surfing and email.

Broadband routers are designed to be used with Virgin Media Broadband (previously NTL, Telewest) via a cable modem. If you have a broadband via a phoneline, see ADSL Wireless Routers instead.
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