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Billion Support Information

Our online resources (www.billion.uk.com/esupport) and other services are recommended in the first instance, as they are regularly updated and may answer your queries quickly. Please note that the full manual provided on the CD supplied has a comprehensive guide on how to set-up all the features of your product. For advanced feature support when your regular support services are closed, please email support@billion.uk.com.

Please read before calling

You must have permission from whoever pays the phone bill before calling. An experienced technician will handle your call, but not every problem can be solved.

All information is accepted at your own risk. We can accept no responsibility for any consequential loss (financial or otherwise) caused by the loss or temporary unavailability of any of the product's operations resulting from changes you make.

Telephone 0203 372 0120 (10am - 5pm, Mon-Fri)
Email support@billion.uk.com
Support web site Click to visit the Billion support pages.

If any of the information above is incorrect please report it to webmaster@broadbandbuyer.co.uk.