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NETGEAR DG834GT 108Mbps Super G ADSL Wireless Router

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Ok for about 3 months then drops out more & more the older it gets
Reviewed by Me,
Worked ok for about 3 months then began to drop out occasionally. The older it gets the more often it drops out. Now at least 5 times a day. Theres no pattern to it and could be after 4 minutes or 4 hours. Nothing in its environment has changed, its sitting in the same old place as when it was new.
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4 of 5 stars 4 stars
This uses a Broadcom Chipset
Reviewed by Matt,
The AR7 Chipset is in the older DG834G models v1,2,3:


This model uses a broadcom chipset that runs fine on BT DSL. Personally I have had a DG834G v1 for 6years and it has never faultered, always been 100% reliable.

After shopping round I settle on a new DG834GT that seems to run just aswell but without the heat issue of my older unit.
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DG834GT - Rubbish!
Reviewed by Phil,
3 months and on my 3rd router. Now dropping wireless connection - the other two dropped internet connection whenever possible.

My Sky broadband service is exceptional, significantly better than the BT contract I had, however is let down by providing a router from the lowest bidder. Why did they spend millions on getting the connection right then mess it all up by providing a rubbish router? Sheer stupidity I guess.
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3 of 5 stars 3 stars
contains ar7 chip
Reviewed by tim waltham,
versions 1,2,3 contain the ar7 chip which is said to have connection problems:

i had for about a year then wireless just stopped completely but it came back a few months later. i find when i leave p2p on overnight it loses the wireless connection. would recommend a newer or more expensive netgear version rather than this model
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4 of 5 stars 4 stars
Absolutely Fine !
Reviewed by Bam Bam ,
Had mine now for 3years or more ! All I can say in honesty is that after some initial setup problems which I resolved, since then all I have ever had to do was maybe reboot it (bit like any old pc) once in a while when maybe a laptop was unable to connect wirelessly !
Otherwise its been pretty rock solid ! Very Fast ! And no problems to connect to all sorts of equipment !
Support is pretty rubbish I must admit ! And I think the biggest problem really with this item is quality control ! I did replace my first one as was suspicious of the noise entering the phone line on calls ! But since then fingers crossed, no problems at all !
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3 of 5 stars 3 stars
Netgear DG834G Internet Connection Drop Problem UPDATE
Reviewed by Suresh Kumar,
UPDATE to my earlier review of 18 Aug 08. The telco provided their modem for test (a DSL lowest end model) which worked for 2-3 days without without a single drop. I almost ended up buying a higher end DSL modem but thought I would upgrade my firmware on the Netgear before I tried that. Surprisingly, the Netgear allowed me to download the firmware without Internet drops. I anyway upgraded the firmware.

Hard to say if the firmware upgrade solved the problem or if the telco has done something at their end but for the last 1 week I have not had a single instance of the random drop problems I faced with the Netgear as per my earlier review.

I am now upgrading the Netgear rating to 3.
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Netgear DG834G Internet Connection Drop Problem
Reviewed by Suresh Kumar,
My DG834G worked very well for the first 6 months and then I shifted apartments (in Mumbai, India) and once I got my Internet connection running in the new place, my Internet connection started dropping randomly. Since it worked well in my earlier apartment, I gave the Tel-ISP provider a hard time saying their service was not up to scratch. But seeing this review, it looks like the problem is really with the product and not with my Tel-ISP provider (and I owe those guys an apology). I dont think I will dare to invest time, effort and money on a Netgear product. 1 star rating only because it worked well for the first 6 months or so.
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2 of 5 stars 2 stars
dropping out
Reviewed by jay,
had this product for a year and worked fine. dropped out occassionally every so often - usually after a problem with the isp service. however in the past month i have had major problems with constant dropping out at intervals of anything from 2 minutes to half an hour. as i use the internet and instant messaging for working at home, this is frustrating to say the least. i will be looking for a replacement asap
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4 of 5 stars 4 stars
Netgear DG834GT WAN Problems
Reviewed by Paul Archer,
Installed Netgear DG834GT straight out of box using Auto configure. problems encountered with loss of connection to ISP every few minutes.

The auto configure set the MTU at 1452. Changed this to 1500 and am pleased to say connection has been up for over 2 hours with a lot of network traffic. network speed is excellant.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Excllent on Vista 64 home premium
Reviewed by Steve Liddle,
got this to upgrade speed touch 510 4 port
Has been up for 118 hours or so - had ISP central issues the last time had to reset it

Date of Speed Test: 2008-04-28 20:28:00
Download Speed: 6697 kbps (837.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 369 kbps (46.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
(s banned)
almost 7 mb on an upto 8 mb connection
Never used the wireless option and it is disabled in any case. LAN only and copying from XP box on the end of a 55m cable run with this on a 10 metre run, 700 mb file in under 1.5 mins :)
Got from PC world after the reserved item was lost and this was a same price upgrade :)
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2 of 5 stars 2 stars
the answer is clear
Reviewed by frustrated the end is clear,
had the netgear router for a year... worked fine from the word go... easy to set up ... easy to add machines..

Now unfortunately it drops connection quickeer than you can say netgear!.. may last an hour may last 10 ...who knows.....but I have a solution..

Ill simply bin it... buy another router.. not a netgear one obviously.. and put it all down to a year for 50 quid... = 1 a pound a week

asta la vista 834gt....
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DG834GT Should be taken out and shot.
Reviewed by Richard,
This router has been forced upon me by the insatiable desire to micro-manage everything that grips Sky Broadband - the router is slow, randomly uncooperative, overheats, and for some inexplicable reason causes email server retrieval errors and time outs on a random yet pretty constant (several a day) basis the only saving grace is I personally did not pay for it (Free with Sky Broadband). Some people actually like this device of torture they must be migrating from some appalling USB Broadband modem setup to think that this is actually progress their lack of experience is their telling. Latest firmware does not help either.
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Netgear DG834 GT and Tiscali
Reviewed by Sarah Blake,
Had loads of trouble contecting and then keeping netgear connected. I finally called my service provider to help with the installation. They were very helpful.
Now though I wished i hadnt bothered my internet connection is soooo slow it just hasnt been worth the trouble. I will be going back to using my Sagem untill I can think of something else!!
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Reviewed by will,
This netgear and many other similar netgear models that ive purchased over the last 6 months are a complete waiste of money.

As most everybody has already stated, the connectivity is very unstable. It struggles to connect giving messages such as ICP DOWN.

1 star rating (being generous like) because at least when it is connected 5% of the time, i can come and post comments warning other that they shouldnt waist there time or money on it!
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4 of 5 stars 4 stars
Excellent router - for four years until the last few weeks
Reviewed by Martin,
Ive found Netgear DG834x routers to be bulletproof: I have a GT and Ive installed many Gs, GTs and PNs for customers. My GT has been in use 24/7 for four years. Perfect wireless coverage throughout upstairs and downstairs of a 3-bedroom house and in garden, with lengthy downloads or PC-PC transfers never dropping.

However just recently the modem has started getting into a strange state: the DSL light occasionally flickers furiously without corresponding wireless or Ethernet, and DSL access then ceases. Web interface and DSL stats still indicate good connection. Disconnecting DSL for a few seconds restores normal service. Local PC-to-PC connections are fine. Router case is slightly discoloured so it looks as if it overheated at some time. It may be time to replace it with another one of the same model - taking care not to let it get covered with a pile of papers on my desk this time!
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Beware of it ? drops adsl links every now and then
Reviewed by guy-who-bought-netgear-DG834G,
I broguht Netgear ADSL Modem + Router DG834G for the use
with both PC Desktop and Dell Inspiron Laptop.

Now, if you weep before the router, your tears dropping down,
will be extremely slow, when compared to Netgear Router
dropping down ADSL Link. I have got one UT300RTU ADSL modem, which is much obedient when handling adsl link.

Am wondering what to do ?
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Netgear DG834GT
Reviewed by Bill M,
Like Gus, and many others, I found this product impossible. Unlike Gus, I would point out that there are many good Netgear products on the shelves - just give this one a miss!

Technical Support was diabolical and costly (telephone). It took weeks to convince them that the product was not up to specification and, even then, they put all sorts of obstacles in the way of providing a replacement.

Like Gus, I will not be buying another Netgear product.
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Stay away from this
Reviewed by gus,
all i can say is, absolutely useless modem
never buy netgear
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Buy something else
Reviewed by Dave,
Terrible modem. We spent all day trying to communicate with it, to no avail ( for some reason, our unit refused to reset ), gave up, and used a Linksys instead. This item falls flat over the most stupid things. Silly mistakes that Netgear really should not make.
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Worst Router Ever!
Reviewed by TAL,
This is a terrible router, the connection is lost every 20 minutes and you can't download anything because the fastest you'll get is 20Kb/s, i upload faster than i can download and browsing takes forever often needing 2-4 attempts to load a page on any browser in windows or Linux on any PC. there's tons of problems with the wireless, if I'm sitting 2 meters away ill have a "average" connection and when i move a meter closer it's an "excellent" connection. stay away from this and buy a linksys instead. 1 star cos i can surf the web.
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Constant drops
Reviewed by RKM,
This is the router im currently using. I have a massive problem
with it; For a while it was fine, however, now, the internet is
dropping almost every 10 minutes. Doing any sort of online activity that requires constant connection is unbearable; i've given up on xbox live for now.

The internet cuts out completely for around 10-20 seconds, and
then suddenly starts working again. No reboot, no help. It just
seemingly reconnects itself. I've seen the symbol on the side of the router that looks like a ? dissapear when this happens. A shame.
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4 of 5 stars 4 stars
Excellent if you don't need support for NAT Loopback
Reviewed by NetDude,
I've had this router for sometime now and I'm very happy with it.

Recently I have started hosting online gaming servers using my PC through this router.

If you want to join in the internet games that you are hosting on the same LAN you will need NAT Loopback functionality (which sadly this router does not support).

This router behaves solidly when hosting online Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 (SWBF & SWBF2) servers (

For the lack of NAT Loopback support, this router loses one 'thumb', otherwise it's superb.
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Netgear 834GT
Reviewed by Frank,
The first 834gt I owned was supplied by my ISP, required for speed upgrade. Did not connect at all. following weeks of phone calls a replacment was sent out & it could not connect. Netgear were useless. Found a new firmware udate on the forums and installed it, connected as soon as I switched on. Told Netgear about the firmware & I was told that it was not an official upgrade yet. THen I start getting LCP IS DOWN/LCP IS ALLOWED TO CONNECT errors.Eventually it was decided that I was to far from the exchange for ADSL2 &that I would have to downgrade speed. So it was back to my old router & 8 mb. Since then I have joined SKY & been supplied with the 834gt again. I have talked with tech support at SKY & my previous ISP & my conclusion is this, if you live more than 1k from your exchange, not in a straight line ,but as the cables are run then ADSL2 will not give you a big increase in speed & while the 834gt may be ok at lower speeds it sucks above 8mb + distance. Mine set at 7.1mb & steady.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Works Great
Reviewed by Sam,
I live in a rural area and run at about 5.5Mbits ADSL Max. Other routers kept disconnecting or connecting at a much slower rate.

The wireless is pretty good, not brilliant. I have a 5dbi antenna which helps a lot.

If you rely on wireless you might not be as pleased as I am, but if you want faster or more reliable ADSL, I recommend it.
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Reviewed by Leo,
I have had all manner of problems with this router: loss of connection, generally always requiring a router reboot. I have gone back to the original firmware (V1.01.00), coz later versions seemed to make matters worse. However, I have recently managed to get a stable connection by ditching the Netgear wireless software in favour of the windows based wireless management. So far the internet connection hasn't been lost at all... I'll give this router a poor rating because of the trouble I've had, but now it's perfect!
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NETGEAR DG834GT with WG111GT Wireless Adapter
Reviewed by Vicky Cooper,
Have battled with this piece of equipment for 15 months now - have even changed from Tiscali to Zen (at an increase of £15 a month) in the hope that it may just be using an ISP with a high contention ratio (well anything's worth a try!). Will drop connection 3 or 4 times in half an hour and only a reboot of the router or a brief disconnection and reconnection of the adapter will spur it into action! It may work well for someone in a modern living environment, but in a rural area (with the poor telephone lines that tend to go with it) and in a building with thick stone walls, I've decided that the only option is to move house! If anyone can recommend a different router before I take that last drastic step, I'd be very grateful! Incidentally, two computers running off it and definitely the connection that's going down, because both are off simultaneously.
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Netgear 834GT - connection problems
Reviewed by Chris Adams,
Like many other contributors, my 834GT frequently loses internet connectivity, requiring a reboot - seems like it doesn't automatically reconnect when signal goes down for a few seconds. Always happens when computers on network are hibernating. Became much worse after internet service speed was increased to 8Mb

Second more irritating fault is that router won't communicate with my computers. Opening the control panel in my browser gets a "transmitting data..." message and the whole thing hangs. This requires switching off router, so cannot be done when using wireless in a remote room.

Also the power and range can't cope with an old property with thick internal walls. Im looking at replacing with one of the newer high power router systems
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
oh dear
Reviewed by Disappointed,
Had another netgear before this one that was as steady as a rock so I went netgear again when the old one went south.

This one however drops its connection at random intervals (few hours normally) and produces "LCP down" "LCP allowed to come up" errors in the log files ad infinitum until you reboot the damn thing.

Netgear support who I have a 2 week conversation with via e-mail have finally just said it is a hardware fault and I can have a warranty replacement.

What do I go for now? The shop I got this from has a limited selection and this device was the best and most fully featured thing they had.

The device worked fine in all other regards, wireless, speed, all features, just for this silly "LCP down error".

1 thumb as a fond fairwell to my old netgear
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Avoid buying this router
Reviewed by sushah,
Had my router several months. It keeps dropping the ADSL connection every couple of weeks. Upgraded firmware to 1.02.04. Now it drops ALL connection in less then an hour. Netgear support on this is rubbish. I give it 1 only for looks.
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Buyer Beware
Reviewed by adeyfk,
Had this for nearly a year, and took 2weeks to get wireless to be stable, then added another machine to the network and took another week for stability. then settled. I have upgraded BB to 8Mb and now I'm back at square one. link drops, wireless drops, support is non-existent. I will be buying something else and would suggest that for your own sanity you do the same!

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Netgear DG834GT + WG511T combination
Reviewed by Kev Davies,
Very pleased with this Netgear wireless combination. Very easy to install and configure. I've had none of the problems that other reviewers seem to have had; connection is straight away after swithing on and i've never had a dropped connection. I'm Impressed with the range; Wireless connection to laptop works in every room in the house (with a Very Good or Excellent signal strength) and even in the garage at the bottom of the garden (175ft away) I get a good signal strength.
This gets a thumbs up and a BIG smile from me :-)
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Only now working well
Reviewed by Martin Clinton,
Like others I've had a lot of problems getting wireless signals beyond a couple of metres from the router, and also it required a hard reboot every day or so.

However after installing the latest firmware from the Netgear site, it seems to be going like a dream...even managed to get my PSP to talk to it.

So if anyone else has had similar problems, its probably worth giving the firmware upgrade a try.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Very pleased...
Reviewed by ,
It does what it says on the can't ask for more...
Anyone looking for a Wireless ADSL Router?....then buy the DG834GT with WG511T from BroadbandBuyer and get a very good deal...
Had mine for 2 weeks...I LIKE IT!!!!
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0 of 5 stars 0 stars
Reviewed by Dom,
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant....easy auto sensing set up, great signal, wonderful
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Very pleased
Reviewed by AWN,
Just received unit and had to speak to Netgear helpline as I could not connect to server. Found them very good and had the problem sorted in no time. ( My fault ). Units work very well and and do just what I need. Good service from Broadband Buyer and would recommend to anyone.
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Netgear DG834 GT
Reviewed by Anon.,
Got one of these on a recommendation and wished I hadn't. Unable to maintain a wireless connection for longer than a couple of hours. Firmware has been updated.
Unable to return to supplier (not BBB) as this is used daily as the main hub in our small business office so it would mean buying a replacement first.
We have resorted to using long patch cables in order to ensure reliable internet and email links.
The unit also runs very hot. I acknowledge that the setup is easy but would readily swap that for a reliable unit.
Have experience with Belkin and Linksys wireless routers and both work fine with no dropouts.
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Not bad
Reviewed by Stuart Entwistle,
I am on my second version of this router as the first one kept dropping.

After a month or so of using the new one this has again started dropping the signal, I feel the answer is a firmware upgrade!

Those problems apart, it was very easy to set-up (minutes) getting 108 connection was gained by upgrading the firmware on my PC network card.

Netgear support were/ excellent.
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Worked for me
Reviewed by Adam,
I've installed several 54Mbps versions for friends over the last few months and ordered this model for myself by mistake. No problems, it installs and works just as well as the slower version. Performance is excellent (2Mb BT) - I use directly connected PCs and laptops using Belkin and Netgear PCMCIA cards - all work very well.
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Netgear 834GT Rubbish
Reviewed by Sven,
I'm now on my second router in 9 months and this one is ready for return. Constantly dropping internet connection every 30min to a an hour with a reboot the only cure. Support from Netgear is appalling. Check out this forum for dis-satisfied customers.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Good Product
Reviewed by ,
I have IC24, router recognised straight away, great wireless signal, great product. Definitely recommend to any first timers out there.
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Good Piece of Kit
Reviewed by Mark,
I have a Sony Vaio laptop and I bought this the get wireless around my house and connect with my psp console. I had it set up in 30mins and connected to the internet (AOL Broadband silver). All I had to do was use the quick install wizards for the usb dongle and the router and hey presto. Then I set up security using the web base setup. then on my desktop entered the wpa-tsk key that i had used on the web based (router) setup. Then I set up my psp, easy peasy, just followd the on-screen instructions and entered the wpa-tsk key. No problems, excellent product, smart looking and super easy to use!
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0 of 5 stars 0 stars
Reviewed by michael coleman,
Tryed to get this router working with WG311T PCI WIRELESS NETGEAR CARD also with updated drivers for cards and router had latest firmware, no good i was getting 2Mbps and was unstable. I also tryed changing to diffrent channels still the same. Rubbish.

I have tryed 2 of these routers and still the same, so I tryed it with the Netgear USB 2.0 Wireless adapters WG 111T and was better but speeds still jumped about, never got a 108Mbps and kit was within 15feet of its self. Very unstable, keep away.
Would not rate these routers at all.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Great product - Great Support - Great performance
Reviewed by Chiltern PC,
I always used the 54Mbps version, (installing over 12 over the last 6 months without a problem) now the price has dropped on the 108 and these are even better - out of the 10 or these I have installed only onehas failed and that was after 3 months (I suspect a power surge during a storm) - but Netgear simply swapped it out no questions. future proofed for ADSL2 and very p*$$ easy to install and secure to stop piggy backers.
even though netgear swpaped out the uinit - Broadband buyer was fantastic in helping resolve the problem. 12 out of 10 to Broadbandbuyer for delivery speed, and backup on problems.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Excellent Service
Reviewed by Darren C,
Superb Service - Ordered and received on standard delivery the following day! Very happy indeed - hoping the router gives the same standard.

Thanks again and will certainly recommend you in the future
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Reviewed by Paul,
Received this product the next day, very easy to setup once a read the instructions again, everything working great and its fast. 5*****
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Netgear DG834GT - Easy to setup and works great with X-BOX Live
Reviewed by ,
After using this Modem/Router for more than a month no problems have been encountered. It was easy to set up even with limited networking knowledge. For me the biggest test was to see if it worked with X-Box Live, and it does. I have played on the X-BOx live service for 4 days, using Halo2, Call of Duty & Full Spectrum Warrior. All games work perfect.

Set up by reserving an IP address to the X-Box MAC address, and enabling DMZ to this IP.

Would definately recommend if you are going to use X BOX Live.
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Another Beta Product Release
Reviewed by ,
Once again a large and supposedly reputable networking firm release a Beta (or possibly Alpha) grade product on the general public.

The DG834GT disconnects from the internet after anything from 6 hours to 6 minutes with a reboot being the only cure. I’ve read the same thing on many different forums regarding this issue and Netgear are “out to lunch” when it comes to supporting their customers. Very Poor.

The one thumb I give is for BroadbandBuyer (who deserver 5 thumbs) they are very cool about everything. Netgear however can obviously afford to live without my money :( WAKE UP AND STOP RELEASING UNFINISHED PRODUCTS.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
DG834GT/WG111T/FA311 Combination
Reviewed by ,
Have this combo. set up to replace Wanadoo/Thomson USB ADSL modem, at 1Mbps to internet, showing full 108Mbps communication speed to wireless equipped laptop and fast ethernet 100Mbps to wired ethernet desktop. Doing just what I expected it could when deciding which kit to buy.

No significant operational niggles so far! Wireless link set to use WPA security and "108Mbps only", runs showing Channel 6(T) in use. I am a newbie to networking at home, and to wireless in particular. A good read of a couple of books on networking principles..not textbooks, just "Easy"/"Absolute Beginners" style, and a careful step by step approach to setting up...and bingo!
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2 of 5 stars 2 stars
Netgear DG834GT - drop the dead donkey
Reviewed by ,
Installation - very easy.

ADSL connection - seemed ok for about an hour then began a cycle of dropping the connection repeatedly. Tried changing MTU values, phone line filter, DHCP and manual settings but after about 10 hours of trying had to go back to working for money.

Wireless - speed much better than the previous Vigor 2600G and range also greater and more "solid" - about 8 to 10 meters. A good aspect of this product.

Network ports - worked fine.

Perhaps I had a bad one or the firmware needs to be improved but there seem to be a lot of responses when you search for Netgear DG834 series problems.

Netgear support - well I rang them, they did try to help and they did answer me immediately. A positive experience.

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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Appalling to Non-Existent Wireless Operation
Reviewed by ,
Shame about the latest Netgear wireless DG834GT.

All other Netgear products have been great.

However, upon installation of my new DG834GT I was unable to connect my wireless devices.

After too many hours of to'ing and fro'ing with Netgear support, I was eventually told that the unit could be faulty.

Now I'm going to be without Internet connectivity probably for a week or two, until I get a refund.

Maybe I just got a dud, but as an electronics engineer (with power meter and spectrum analyzer), it seems as though Netgear might have a lot of returns on the DG834GT.
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