ADSL Modem Or Cable Router?

Posted 06 January 2012 by Stuart Young, Views (6705)

A very important question when choosing which wi-fi router to purchase for your home or business is what type of broadband internet connection you have?

Cable Routers

If you have a cable connection (Virgin Media) then you will need a broadband router (also known as a cable router).

Your ISP will have already supplied you with a broadband modem, and the router simply connects to this using an Ethernet cable connection.

ADSL Modem Routers

If you have an ADSL connection (eg BT, Sky, O2) then you will need an ADSL modem router, which combines a broadband modem and wireless router into one box and plugs directly into the phone socket. An ADSL modem router only needs one power supply, which saves energy compared with a separate router and modem.