Staff Picks: Top 10 Best NAS of 2012
Posted 02 October 2012 by Simon Fabrizio, Views (37809)
Top 10 NAS Devices

If you have multiple computers on your network, you're a candidate for a network-attached storage (NAS) device. Some NAS servers simply act as a shared volume for backing up and sharing files across your network, while others can do a lot more, such as sharing a printer among your networked PCs, acting as a media streamer or even a surveillance system by supporting IP cameras. You'll find NAS devices with a single drive and those with multiple drives that allow for greater data protection and higher capacities.

If you just want network storage to share files, music, videos and photos, the following Top 10 Best NAS Devices 2012 will more than get the job done.

Budget Buy Home NAS Device
Buffalo LinkStation Live V2 1TB NAS Storage

Store photos and videos taken with your smartphone and digital camera along with your computer data on the 1TB Buffalo LinkStation Live V2 and share them with your friends and family wherever you or they are. At a great price it's our 'Budget Buy'

Other Sizes Available: 2TB, 3TB

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Best Buy Home NAS Device
Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo V-Series 2TB NAS Storage

The Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo V-Series NAS device is the ideal solution to keep important files safe! Stream your favourite music and videos directly from the Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo to a computer, PS3, Xbox 360 or network attached DLNA or UPnP media player

Other Sizes Available: 4TB, 6TB, 8TB

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Ultimate Home NAS Device
QNap TS-212 Turbo NAS 2-Bay 4TB NAS Device


The QNAP TS-212 Turbo NAS is an impressive piece of home networking hardware, one that leads in other areas like security and expandability. If you need a NAS mostly for your home or you generate lots of data or store sensitive data like family photos, consider this QNAP TS-212 Turbo NAS.

Other Sizes Available: 1TB, 2TB, 6TB, 8TB

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Budget Buy Business NAS Device
NETGEAR RND2210 ReadyNAS Duo V2 2TB NAS Device

This NETGEAR RND2210 ReadyNAS Duo V2 2TB NAS Device offers impressive hardware at a great price for small businesses. And, for its balance of usability and accessibility the Netgear ReadyNAS Duo v2 hits the right spot.

Other Sizes Available: 0TB, 1TB

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Best Buy Business NAS Device
Synology DS413J DiskStation 4-Bay 4TB NAS Device

The feature-packed Synology DS413J DiskStation offers up to 16TB of storage, and you can mix and match HDDs of different sizes without losing the comfort of RAID. This NAS will sync your files across computers if you wish, and give you access to all that data on the move via the internet or iOS/Android apps.

Other Sizes Available: 0TB, 2TB, 8TB, 12TB, 16TB

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Ultimate Business NAS Device
QNAP TS-869 Pro 8-Bay 8TB NAS Device

This QNAP TS-869 Pro 8-Bay 8TB NAS Device is the ultimate storage for businesses looking to keep data secure and incorporate advanced features such as Active Directory, SMB/CIFS, NFS, and AFP protocols for file sharing across Windows, Mac, Linux/UNIX networks.

Other Sizes Available: 0TB, 8TB, 16TB, 24TB, 32TB

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Budget Buy Rackmount NAS Device
Buffalo TeraStation III 4TB 4-Bay Rackmount NAS Device

Buffalo TeraStation III is a larger capacity 4TB Rackmount NAS device with robust RAID 5 capability. The redundancy of four separate hard drives in RAID 5 or RAID 1 modes mean that even if a hard drive fails, your data is safe. It's a great budget buy for around 18 pence per GB.

Other Sizes Available: 8TB

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Best Buy Rackmount NAS Device
QNAP TS-412U 8TB 4-Bay Rackmount NAS Device

Qnap's TS-412U packs in a huge amount for the money, and it's an exceptionally quick. It's a versatile NAS with lots of built-in functions and more can be added via plug-ins; it has good hardware credentials as well. Overall it's a worthy product for any small-business that wants a manageable and fault-tolerant network storage device.

Other Sizes Available: 0TB, 4TB, 12TB, 16TB

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Ultimate Rackmount NAS Device
QNAP TS-1279U-RP 12-Bay Rackmount NAS Device

The QNAP TS-1279U-RP is the Ultimate NAS device. Not only does it offer security options such as encrypted access, IP filtering and policy-based automatic IP blocking, but it can store up to 48TB, equivalent to 5,734,400,000 songs. That's enough to store half of the total songs on the Apple iTunes store!

Other Sizes Available: 12TB, 24TB, 36TB, 48TB

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Best Network Attached NAS Storage Enclosure
Synology DS212J DiskStation 2-Bay NAS Enclosure

The Synology DiskStation DS212j 2-Bay Network Attached NAS Storage is designed to provide a solution of file storage and sharing with data protection for your home environment with low power consumption, quiet operation and reliability.

Other Sizes Available: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB

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Highly Recommended NAS Hard Drives
Western Digital Red SATA Hard Drives for NAS

Western Digital Red hard drives have been specifically engineered to work with NAS devices. These hard drives can be installed in most of the common NAS devices on the market including those from Synology, Qnap, D-Link, and Drobo. A worthy consideration for those who need fast, reliable NAS performance.

Size Available: 1TB, 2TB, 3TB

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