Extending A Wireless Network Using HomePlugs
Posted 28 October 2013 by Stuart Young, Views (1531)
Image of TRENDnet TPL-406E Small AV 500 Powerline HomePlug Adapter

Powerline adapters or 'HomePlugs' use the wiring already in the walls of your property to send data to parts of the house which otherwise may have had poor coverage. They're ideal for getting wireless broadband up to a loft conversion, for example or to an outbuilding using also a wireless Access Point.

The Scenario
The variation in what houses are made of will make a difference when it comes to the performance of your wireless home network. Some older houses have inner walls that are made from thicker materials, more often stone or brick which makes it  harder for a wireless signal to penetrate. More modern builds have very thin inner walls usually made from wood and plasterboard which is more welcoming for wireless signals to pass through. So, what if you live in a property that has thick inner walls?

The Solution
A technology called HomePlugs can be a match made in heaven when it comes to extending your network around the home. If you need to get an internet connection in another room or at the far end of the house then all you need to do is to deploy a TRENDnet TPL-406E2K AV 500 HomePlug Starter Kit. HomePlug technology uses the existing home electrical wiring to transmit data between power sockets.

Plug a TRENDnet TPL-406E AV 500 Powerline HomePlug Adapter into a power socket located next to your router and then plug the second TRENDnet TPL-406E HomePlug Adapter into the room or area where you need a connection and the two HomePlugs will connect automatically giving you a wired connection. For a wireless signal, you will now need to connect the second HomePlug to a TRENDnet TEW-750DAP Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Access Point which will in turn broadcast a wireless signal to your wireless enabled devices. It's that simple to extend your wireless network.

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