Freesat Box With WiFi: Humax HDR-1010S
Posted 17 May 2013 by Stuart Young, Views (3605)
Image of Humax HDR-1010S

One of the world's largest manufacturers of digital set-top boxes, Humax has released the HDR-1010S, a Freesat+ box that comes with a new on screen TV Guide, that makes it even easier to find the programmes you love. It even lets you browse backwards in time and watch shows that have already been on, but the star feature of the Humax HDR-1010S is the built-in WiFi feature, which allows you to connect quickly and easily to your home network from just about anywhere in the house.

WiFi Capability
With its built-in WiFi (and Ethernet), the Humax HDR-1010S gives you the option to stream your favourite On Demand TV channels or even stream content directly from your storage devices. This convenient feature allows you to connect to the internet from almost anywhere in the home without having to run long cables from your router.

The HDR-1010S has enough connectivity to join just about any AV setup. The HDMI port makes it simple to connect to compatible sets and enjoy HD viewing, while the SCART output has older AV equipment covered. There are also two USB ports for media sharing and expansion - with the Humax HDR-1010S acting as a media server you can connect to your PC, NAS storage device, etc.

FreeTime makes it even easier to find the programmes you love. Available on the Humax HDR-1010S, it even lets you roll back through the TV guide to watch shows you've missed. What's more, with a range of On Demand TV and clever recording features, FreeTime lets you spend less time searching and more time watching.

Twin Tuners
The Humax HDR-1010S comes with twin tuners making it possible to record two channels at the same time, or watch one while recording another. The roll back electronic programme guide even makes it easy to showcase the programmes that you forgot to record.

So, as mentioned above, the Humax HDR-1010S is more than just a Freesat box. Packed full of features for an excellent entertainment experience, the HDR-1010S with built-in WiFi would be a great addition to your home network. For more information about improving your home network so you can benefit from using the Humax HDR-1010S, please click on the related links below, or alternatively, please call our Sales team on: 01908 760795.

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