Yealink EXP38 VoIP/SIP Phone Expansion ModuleProduct now discontinued
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Yealink EXP38 VoIP/SIP Phone Expansion Module

Brand : Yealink
Mfr# : EXP38
Quick : 10200

Though discontinued, similar products are available from Yealink

Designed for use by receptionists, call centres and managers who need to monitor a large number of calls, the Yealink EXP38 IP Phone Expansion Module features 38 fully programmable DSS keys each with a dual-color LED, connected to and controlled by the IP Phone with an RJ-11 cable line. It creates up to 228 additional programmable extensions when 6 EXT38 are daisy chained with the IP Phone. Compatible with the T26P and T28P IP phones the module is designed for improving the power and flexibility of these Yealink products.

Key Features

  • BLF - You can configure the key for Busy Lamp Field (BLF) use which allows you to monitor the status (idle, ringing, or busy) of other SIP accounts. User can dial out on a BLF configured key on the expansion module EXP38.
  • Intercom - You can configure the key for Intercom mode and it is useful in an office environment as a quick access to connect to the operator or the secretary.
  • URL - If the key is configured as URL, then pressing this key, you can send HTTP requests to a web server.
  • Conference - You are allowed to configure the programmable keys to be used as a conference key. Then during a conversation, pressing this key, users can establish a conference call with a third party.
  • Call Pickup - When you configure a Direct Pickup key, you specify the extension that you want to monitor. Then, when the monitored extension receives a call, you press the key to pick up the call. If the monitored extension receives multiple incoming calls simultaneously, the IP Phone UI displays a list of incoming calls. You select a call from this list, and are connected to the call.
  • Group Listening - When the key is configured as Group Listening key, you are allowed to enable the Speakerphone and Handset/Headset mode at the same time. It is suitable for the group conversation which has more than one person at one side. You are able to listen using handset/headset; meanwhile the others near by can speak and listen using speakerphone. You can get back to the previous mode by pressing the key again.

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