Netgear RNDP4410 ReadyNAS Pro 4 Unified 4TB Gigabit Network Storage NAS Device RNDP4410-100UKSProduct now discontinued
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Netgear RNDP4410 ReadyNAS Pro 4 Unified 4TB Gigabit Network Storage NAS Device RNDP4410-100UKS

Mfr# : RNDP4410-100EUS
Quick : 10312

The product below is the suggested replacement
NETGEAR RN31441D ReadyNas 4-Bay 4TB Network Attached NAS Storage, 314 Series
The NETGEAR RN31441D ReadyNAS provides you with an advanced and easy-to use solution for centralising, securing and controlling access.
£724.80 / £604.00 ex vat

The Netgear RNDP4410 ReadyNAS Pro 4 brings reliable, affordable and simple solutions for data management to small offices and remote locations. It's an affordable business-class network attached storage device for shared storage in VMware and Hyper-V environments. The Netgear RNDP4410 ReadyNAS Pro 4 can also deliver reliable disk-based backup capacity for locations looking to reduce tape dependence, with scalable replication options for remote site data protection and a complete set of backup tools are included with every system.

Key Features

  • 4-Bay desktop NAS and SAN with 4TB storage capacity & 3x USB port
  • ,Hybrid cloud archive support (100GB included)
  • Multi-site replication option for complete system backup
  • Ideal virtualisation platform for smaller locations
  • A cost-effective backup to disk solutions for remote offices
  • Hybrid cloud support for online archive, file sharing and managed services
  • Cross-platform file sharing support for Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX/Linux systems
  • Optional multi-site file replication tools with centralised management
  • Unified architecture for simultaneous SAN and NAS support
  • Complete 3rd party backup software compatibility for physical, virtual and mixed environments
  • Embedded hybrid cloud archive for automatic offsite data protection
  • Enterprise-grade SATA drives provide up to twice the reliability as desktop drives
  • The industry's first standard 5-year warranty

Affordable & Simple
Don't hire more staff to handle smaller sites, and stop depending on part-time or non-professional IT staff to get the job done. The Netgear RNDP4410 ReadyNAS Pro 4 is a simple to install appliance and can be managed from any network location and automatic capacity expansion means easy growth on-the-fly. A full suite of storage protocols means any new application can access the capacity it needs, when it needs it. No costly system architects or maintenance are necessary. And when it is time to enhance features, easy-add-on applications can be installed without command line complexity. Truly affordable small office storage is not typically available from traditional enterprise vendors. The Netgear RNDP4410 ReadyNAS Pro 4 scales with business needs and budget constraints, and cuts license, installation, maintenance and staffing needs down upon installation.

  • Symantec Backup Exec - Neatgear ReadyNAS Pro 4 is the only system in its class to officially support the Symantec RALUS agent. Improve performance in your existing Symantec environment up to 120%!
  • Acronis Backup and Recovery - Trial licenses of Acronis' image backup software are included with all Netgear ReadyNAS Pro 2 systems. Simplify disaster recovery in physical and virtual environments with disk-based backup tools.
  • Egnyte Office Local Cloud - Hybrid cloud file sharing options are available for offsite workers. Access files from outside the office as if users were on the LAN, and keep files synchronised seamlessly.
  • ReadyNAS Vault - 100 GB for 12 months of online archive capacity is included with every model. Recover files from any browser location; save multiple archive versions and securely transfer data offsite without new agents, software licenses or personnel.
  • ReadyNAS Replicate - Move data between sites, to a central location or in any direction required with this central management tool. Eliminate scripting, command-line and individual job management. Simpify capturing data from the edge of the network and bring it safely home to the core.
  • ReadyNAS Remote - An automatic VPN is built into every ReadyNAS Pro. No firewall configuration, extra appliances or licenses are necessary to access files as if they were local - even from outside of the network.