Netgear RNRP4410 ReadyNAS 3100 4-Bay 4TB Rackmount 1U Network Storage NAS RNRP4410-100EUSProduct now discontinued
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Netgear RNRP4410 ReadyNAS 3100 4-Bay 4TB Rackmount 1U Network Storage NAS RNRP4410-100EUS

Mfr# : RNRP4410-100EUS
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The Netgear RNRP4410 ReadyNAS 3100 is a 1U 4-bay storage enclosure designed for those seeking reliable and affordable server virtualisation and file storage. The Netgear RNRP4410 ReadyNAS 3100 unified architecture supports both NAS and SAN applications and solves numerous data management problems with a single system. Redundant power supplies deliver high reliability, and NETGEAR's RAIDiator operating system ensures stability. Integrated data protection and offsite replication features make managing complex business storage environments affordable.

Key Features

  • The ideal platform for first-time server virtualisation projects
  • Highly affordable and reliable 1U 4-bay rack-mountable unified network storage with redundant power supplies
  • Built-in replication, integrated backup, and offsite options for data protection
  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX/Linux systems
  • Support for both database and server virtualisation applications
  • Remote feature means drag-and-drop over a secure connection between any computer and your ReadyNAS

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With the Netgear RNRP4410 ReadyNAS 3100 you can now centralise data from multiple local systems into one single storage device, reducing management overhead and instantly increasing reliability. Capacity can be added with zero downtime, and ReadyNAS supports file sharing and server virtualisation applications like Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix XenServer.

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Serve files to Windows, Macintosh and Linux/UNIX users simultaneously. Access data no matter where you are - from multiple computers, on the road, or in an alternate office location. Consolidate and eliminate file servers while hosting virtual machines at the same time. Elegantly manage capacity across your servers and clients all at the same time. The Netgear RNRP4410 ReadyNAS 3100's Remote feature means drag-and-drop over a secure connection between any computer and your ReadyNAS. No more firewall, VPN or awkward Web-based remote access solutions.

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Successful businesses understand that lost information means lost revenue. Multiple layers of protection are built into every Netgear RNRP4410 ReadyNAS 3100, including drive fault tolerance, redundant power supply, online backups (snapshots), and secure offsite replication to another ReadyNAS system. A ReadyNAS revolutionises backup and recovery times and can replace tape completely, making offsite replication and backup a complete, affordable and timely reality for small business users. And support for Symantec agents makes integration with existing backup software simpler and faster.

The Netgear RNRP4410 ReadyNAS 3100 Vault option automatically preserves multiple archive copies in a datacenter. This centralised, set-and-forget choice means no more dedicated servers, licenses or failed jobs, and captures as little or as much as you choose. Recovery can be done from any network location and is as simple as using a Web browser!

Standard Warranty: 5-Years

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