Devolo 1659 dLAN 500 AVmini HomePlug Starter KitProduct now discontinued Alternative available
Devolo 1659 Mini HomePlug Starter Kit Devolo 1659 Mini HomePlug Starter Kit Devolo 1659 Mini HomePlug Starter Kit Devolo 1659 box
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Devolo 1659 dLAN 500 AVmini HomePlug Starter Kit

Brand : Devolo
Mfr# : 1659
Quick : 10748
5 Stars, Ultimate HomePlug Adapters, Staff Pick 4 Stars, A neat 500Mbps powerline adaptor kit, Alan Dexter, TechRadar

The product below is the suggested replacement
devolo 9108 dLAN AV 500 Duo Powerline/HomePlug Starter Kit
The devolo dLAN 500 duo HomePlug is the ideal solution for a multi-room entertainment network that requires an extra port for multiple devices
£45.25 / £37.71 ex vat
4 of 5 stars 4 stars
A neat 500Mbps powerline adaptor kit
Reviewed by Alan Dexter, TechRadar,
When it comes to the performance on offer, we were suitably impressed by the throughput of the dLAN 500 AVmini. The units managed an extremely high write performance, with an average throughput across a range of tests of 56.4Mbps, and a fast read performance as well, averaging out at 66.7Mbps.

These tests focus on one-to-one connections, but the synthetic network test revealed that the units had the potential to hit 450Mbps with multiple units connected to the same network.

While there is a lot to love when it comes to these adaptors, the most obvious strike against the dLAN 500 AVmini is the pricing. The units themselves may be tiny, solidly built and offer strong throughput, but at almost twice the price of the similarly capable TP-Link AV500 units, the price of minaturisation does seem a little steep.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
First rate product complimented with excellent delivery
Reviewed by CAHA,
I am not the brightest spark in the networking barrel but this was simplicity personified. I connected it to my Apple AirPort Extreme by ethernet cable - plugged it in before connecting the other two units (i also bought an additional unit) into the two areas I had experienced difficulty with and they connected within seconds despite being on different floors etc.

Really very pleased with the service I received from broadbandbuyer and with the products themselves.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
A product that works first time
Reviewed by Milton S,
I am thrilled with the two little adapters that solved my internet connectivity. With the BT Router being sited one floor below the Macs and
Time Capsule it has been a dilemma whether to run wires all over the building or get a "bridge", "Client" or any other type device.

Having tried another manufacturer that has three pages of configurations - not always in English - and ending up where I started, I am absolutely astonished that two little adapters can do all what I wanted with out any effort or modification to any of my equipment. Please accept my sincere thanks for your perfect product, that I will recommend to anybody with the same predicament.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
The simplest networking thingy yet!!
Reviewed by Anonymous,
Over the years, I have had various makes of Powerline style gear and this Devolo unit just worked. I plugged them both in and there they were. Instant full communication with no effort apart from bending down to plug them in! I wish my previous other brand, highly regarded, units had been so simple. I did have Devolo units years ago and they were a bit of a nightmare to set up but that's all gone now. Wish I'd bought these last year.
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