Western Digital Elements Desktop 2.5TB External Hard Drive WDBAAU0025HBKProduct now discontinued
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Western Digital Elements Desktop 2.5TB External Hard Drive WDBAAU0025HBK

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Western Digital Elements Desktop External Hard Drives are the right answer for simple, reliable add-on storage, simply plug one into a USB port on your PC, MAC or Laptop and start saving your photos, music, video, and files instantly. Designed with the same commitment to quality that made WD external drives the number one selling drives in the world, this 2.5TB WD Elements Desktop drive comes with plug-and-play simplicity, meaning you just have to connect the power and plug it into a USB port to instantly add more storage to your computer.

Key Features

  • WD quality inside and out
  • Plug-and-play simplicity
  • Designed to save power
  • Earth-friendly packaging
  • Preformatted for PCs

IntelliPower and IntelliPark
A fine-tuned balance of spin speed, transfer rate, and caching algorithms designed to deliver both significant power savings and solid performance. For each drive model, WD may use a different, invariable RPM. Drives featuring WD GreenPower Technology consume less current during start up, allowing more drives to spin up simultaneously resulting in faster system readiness - a big plus for enterprise customers. Additionally, IntelliPark delivers lower power consumption by automatically unloading recording heads during idle periods to reduce aerodynamic drag, and disengages read/write channel electronics.

Designed to save power
The WD Elements Desktop turns on and off with your computer and enters idle mode when not in use - it also utilises a WD drive with power-saving WD GreenPower Technology and an EnergyStar compliant power supply. Environmental sustainability is important to Western Digital. One of the best ways we can make a positive impact on the environment is to offer products that consume less electricity. To that end, WD has designed eco-friendly hard drives with WD GreenPower Technology for WD desktop, enterprise, CE and external hard drive products.

Based on extensive customer input toward supporting ENERGY STAR 4.0 compliance and incorporating the latest in engineering technology, we developed this platform to bring more energy efficient hard drive options to our customers.

As hard drive capacities increase, the power required to run those drives increases as well. This 2.5TB hard drive has a typical power consumption rating greater than 13.5 watts. WD has designed the first 3.5-inch hard drives that deliver power savings as the primary attribute. IntelliPower and IntelliPark are two examples of technologies that enable the WD GreenPower Technology platform.

Earth-Friendly Packaging
Packaged in minimised, eco-friendly, recyclable packaging made from recycled materials, the WD Elements Desktop is pre-formatted for PCs. Designed for use with Windows-based computers, it can also be easily reformatted for use with Macs.

The Western Digital Elements Desktop Hard Drive Holds:

  • Up to 400,000 digital photos
  • Up to 475,000 songs (MP3)
  • Up to 47,000 songs (uncompressed CD quality)
  • Up to 218 hours of Digital Video (DV)
  • Up to 740 hours of DVD quality video
  • Up to 280 hours of HD video

Standard Warranty: 2-Years

(Examples of the number of photos, songs, videos and any other files that can be stored on a hard drive are provided for illustrative purposes only. Your results will vary based on file size and format, settings, features, software and other factors.) One gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes. One terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment.