Zoom X7 ADSL2+ WiFi Router (300Mbps N) 5790-72-00AGProduct now discontinued Alternative available
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Zoom X7 ADSL2+ WiFi Router (300Mbps N) 5790-72-00AG

Brand : Zoom
Mfr# : 5790-72-00AG
Quick : 12941

The product below is the suggested replacement
Zoom 5792 ADSL 2/2+WiFi Router (150Mbps N)
This versatile Zoom 5792 ADSL 2/2+WiFi Router provides a shared ADSL Internet connection for up to 253 devices.
£25.97 / £21.64 ex vat
4 of 5 stars 4 stars
Zoom X7 ADSL2+ Wireless-N Router
Reviewed by T.J.,
Only had it a day, did not auto configure, that didn't surprise me. entered my username and password, clicked llc for my provider, done the security for wireless .all worked first time same speed as my more expensive one which broke. The menu isnt very nice but its not the end of the world. For the price I am more than happy with it ,just hope it lasts. so first impressions I would recommend this modem router.
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