PE Socket T1000 4-Port AV 200 Wall-Socket Powerline/HomePlug Starter Kit
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PE Socket T1000 4-Port AV 200 Wall-Socket Powerline/HomePlug Starter Kit

Mfr# : PE-200AV-T1000-2
Quick : 13047
£120.00 / £100.00 ex vat
4 Stars, The advantage is the speed and simplicity of the solution, Matt Warman, The Telegraph 5 Stars, Great for retrofitting a wired network into older houses or extending one to top floors, IT Pro Online Review 4 Stars, Networked up quickly and elegantly, Benny Har-Even, TrustedReviews 4 Stars, Power Ethernet Socket, Matt Hanson 5 Stars, Online Review, IT Portal Pro 4 Stars, A simple and unobtrusive way of securely extending networks, Dave Mitchell, PC Pro

The Power Ethernet socket (PE Socket) starter kit requires no rewiring and is an elegant, simple and cost-effective way to create a network in your home or office without the need for expensive cabling or unsightly plug-in adapters. Installing this PE Socket starter kit instantly creates a high speed secure network using the existing mains wiring in your home. Its unique design incorporates all of the electronics and Powerline technology inside the wall socket.

Key Features

  • Complete starter kit, includes 2x PE sockets to get your HomePlug network running
  • No rewiring required, simple to install a power socket with an Power Ethernet socket
  • Range up to 300m and speeds up to 200Mbps between PE sockets over the mains cables
  • Connect your broadband router to share Internet access around your home or office
  • Fast enough to stream High Definition (HD) video, use with online gaming or downloading files
  • Compatible with the HomePlug AV, Windows, Mac, Linux and all operating systems with TCP/IP support
  • Support for TV over IP (IPTV), Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Digital Signage, Security CCTV cameras
  • Removes the clutter and danger of cables and fits a standard two-gang 35 mm deep back box
  • Complies to all relevant UK BSI and CE standards for electrical outlets
  • Supports tagged VLANS, TOS Bits and QoS

Built-in Secure 4-Port Switch

The PE Socket starter kit incorporates a 4 port, high speed managed Ethernet switch that eliminates the need for adding additional network switches. This removes the clutter and hassle of additional cables under desks or behind televisions. Embedded within the PE Socket is an integrated mains filter in order to minimise the effect of any electrical noise on the circuit and therefore delivery the maximum available bandwidth and the network backbone is robust and is automatically encrypted with 128bit AES security.

Up to 64 Sockets, 256 devices!

Expanding the Powerline network is very easy by just adding new PE Sockets. Up to 64 PE sockets can be integrated in the same network and up to 300 meters apart. The network has a maximum throughput of 200Mbps (gross) which is fast enough to smoothly stream full-HD video.

PE Sockets have good green credentials that allow the sockets to automatically go into power save mode for reduced power consumption when the network ports are not being used; it also has the option to put individual units into deep hibernation for further power savings.

Easy to Install

The Power Ethernet socket is British Standard, two-gang in size and easy for any electrician to install. Simply replace a power socket with a Power Ethernet socket without any rewiring. Now connecting your devices to the network is as simple and easy as plugging them into the mains. 

Please Note: The power outlets must be electrically connected sharing the same power rail in order for Powerline devices to provide a network connection between them. Always employ the services of a qualified electrician before attempting any work on live electrical circuits.

Standard Warranty: 2-Years

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