TP-LINK TD-W8968 Dual-WAN WiFi ADSL2+ Router (300Mbps N)
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TP-LINK TD-W8968 Dual-WAN WiFi ADSL2+ Router (300Mbps N)

Brand : TP-LINK
Mfr# : TD-W8968
Quick : 13595
£31.52 / £26.27 ex vat

This new TP-Link TD-W8968 is an incredibly robust Wireless Router allowing users to access high-speed internet connection via ADSL or Ethernet WAN (EWAN) using its interchangeable LAN/WAN port and share it wirelessly at 300Mbps wireless 802.11n speeds. With its two multi-function USB ports, users can share printers, files and play media across the local network or access files from attached USB storage across the internet using the server function.

Key Features

  • Wireless N speed up to 300Mbps makes it ideal for heavy bandwidth applications.
  • Ethernet WAN (EWAN) offers another broadband connectivity option for connecting to Cable, VDSL or Fiber modems.
  • USB 2.0 port supports Storage Sharing (Samba or FTP), Media Server, Print Server and multi accounts.
  • 3G USB modem compatibility for use with mobile Broadband away from a fixed line.
  • IP based Bandwidth Control makes it easier for you to manage the bandwidth of devices that connected to the router.
  • Wi-Fi On/Off Button allows users to simply turn their wireless radio on or off.
  • Easy one-touch WPA wireless security encryption with the WPS button.
  • Easy Setup Assistant with multi-language support provides a quick and hassle free installation.
  • SPI and NAT firewall protects end-user devices from potential attacks from the Internet.
  • WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions provide user networks with active defense against security threats.
  • Interface Grouping binds specific LAN ports with PVCs for an enjoyable IPTV experience.

Interchangeable LAN/WAN Port - Versatile Connectivity

The TP-Link TD-W8968 supports ADSL or Ethernet WAN connections (EWAN) that allow users to have the flexibility of different Internet connections among ADSL, cable or fiber modem using its interchangeable LAN/WAN port. This unique feature makes it easier when users need to change to fiber or cable services when necessary.

Multifunction USB Port - Easy Sharing

Using the TP-Link TD-W8968 multi-functional USB 2.0 port, users can share printers, files or play media either throughout the network at home with several different computers or even away, using the device's FTP server functions so that you never have to part with your files.

All-in-One Device - Clear up your desktop!

The TP-Link TD-W8968 does the work of several networking devices packed into one sleek device. With an ADSL2+ modem, NAT router, switch and 300Mbps wireless access point, this device eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices to access and share a high-speed wireless Internet connection.

300Mbps Wireless - More Power to You

With 300Mbps 802.11n wireless and 4 10/100 LAN ports, the TP-Link TD-W8968 is the ideal choice for bandwidth heavy users that rely on speedy, reliable connections for bandwidth intensive work or entertainment such as lag-free conference calls, HD video streaming or online gaming.

IP QoS - Efficient Bandwidth Control

IP QoS allows network administrators to allot a specific amount of available bandwidth to each network connected device simply by identifying it by its IP address, ensuring that those devices with critical tasks always have enough bandwidth and preventing any one device from hoarding bandwidth from the rest of the users on the network.

Standard warranty: 3-Years (Register to activate 3rd year)

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