Linksys RE2000 Wall-Plug Dual-Band WiFi Booster/Range Extender (300Mbps N)Product now discontinued
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Linksys RE2000 Wall-Plug Dual-Band WiFi Booster/Range Extender (300Mbps N)

Brand : Linksys
Mfr# : RE2000-UK
Quick : 15950
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Excellent connections
Reviewed by Vas,
I now connect permanently at 270-300Mbps on my laptop at a distance of 10-12m through multiple walls. I have partnered it with Linksys E3200 router. Did an http setup (not with the CD that comes with) and it was very quick and easy. I recommend to set the extender to manual mode, not WPS. The whole network is set up at 5GHz N-Band which means the iphone 4s will not see the extender (as it works at 2.4GHz only in the N-Band) although the extender can be set up at 2.4 or 5 GHz; however the ipad has been transformed with it, more so after the new ios7 that wrecked the already flimsy wireless functionality. The ipad will now work at a distance of at least 15-17m through multiple walls.
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