Cisco 837 Secure ADSL Router w/64MB MemoryProduct now discontinued
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Cisco 837 Secure ADSL Router w/64MB Memory

Brand : Cisco
Mfr# : CISCO837-K9-64
Quick : 2280
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DSL line problems
Reviewed by ILMI,
c837 is not working with all tipes of DSLAM's. DSL line is UP, but I have a problem of getting IP adress since my line is connected to ISAM 7302. It worked fine with XpresLink, EDA, ASAM.
c837 have very big sinhronization time and it is dificult to configure.
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Browser hanging
Reviewed by Steve,
If the browser hangs you need to install MS JAVA. Untick SUn JAVA after installing in internet explorer. The browser will work now. Well known problem
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Cicso 837 DOA
Reviewed by ,
We ordered a Cisco 837 which arrived DOA as we could not configure it via the web browser - why no CD option?
The browser just hung each time at the log on once the java applet was launched.
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