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Billion 5200G BiPAC 54Mbps ADSL 2+ Wireless RouterProduct now discontinued Alternative available
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Billion 5200G BiPAC 54Mbps ADSL 2+ Wireless Router

Brand : Billion
Mfr# : BIPAC 5200 GRC
Quick : 2392
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Great for home users or a home office

The Billion BiPAC 5200G is an economical model of router designed with 802.11g Wireless AP for home users to enjoy high-speed broadband access. It provides high speed Internet access with ADSL, even faster with ADSL2+ standard for downstream speed up to 24Mbps. NAT Firewall and Packet Filtering features help protect every data transmission against hackers' attack. Its network management is easy with Graphic User Interface. The Billion BiPAC 5200G makes fast net-surfing affordable and easy to go online, just 'plug & play'.

Express Internet Access
The Billion BiPAC 5200G complies with ADSL worldwide standards. It supports basic downstream rate of 8Mbps with ADSL, capable of up to 12/24 Mbps with ADSL2 / ADSL2+, and upstream rate up to 1 Mbps. Users enjoy not only high-speed ADSL services but also wider range of broadband multimedia applications such as interactive gaming, video streaming and real-time audio much easier and faster than ever.

Powered by NAT technology integrated in BiPAC 5200G, dozens of users not only surf Internet and share the ADSL connection simultaneously by using one ISP account and one IP address, but are also protected by natural NAT firewall from potential hacker attacks. In addition to NAT technology, the BiPAC 5200G supports Packet Filtering feature for higher-level security control.

Easy Network Management
The Web-based User Interface makes the Billion 5200G extremely easy for users to install and manage the network. With DHCP client and server built-in, system administrators can easily attach this security router into existing network and manage the IP assignment without re-configuring other stations. Furthermore, future firmware upgrade can be done via friendly Web-based User Interface.

With integrated 802.11g Wireless Access Point in the BiPAC 5200G, the device offers quick and easy access among wired network, wireless network and broadband connection (ADSL) with single device simplicity. In addition to providing 54 Mbps 802.11g link rate, it can also interoperate backward with existing 802.11b equipments. The wireless connection makes a home user to enjoy the mobility to place a PC device anywhere they want to go online.

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