Thomson SpeedTouch 516 v6 ADSL 2+ RouterProduct now discontinued
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Thomson SpeedTouch 516 v6 ADSL 2+ Router

Brand : Thomson
Mfr# : DSLUK604NY
Quick : 2455

The new SpeedTouch 516 encompasses all the popular features of the SpeedTouch 510, and adds ADSL2+ support for downloads speeds in excess of 20Mbit/s (subject to service availablity).

With the SpeedTouch 516 you can network multiple PCs, Apple Macs, Games consoles and other Ethernet enabled devices together, and allow them to share files and share your Broadband access all at the same time.

The SpeedTouch 516 arrives ready to run with the BT network, and simply requires connection, the input of your service username details and you will be connected in no time.

Easy installation
With the SpeedTouch 516, a new standard in user-friendliness has been set. When the installation process is started
the end-user is only five clicks away from surfing the web. After connecting PC, laptop, or local area network to the
modem over the Ethernet, the advanced Setup Wizard will guide the end-user through the installation process. The Setup Wizard is easily customizable to the look-and-feel and the network parameters of the service provider, offering a seamless end-user experience to their customers.

Home networking
The SpeedTouch 516 gateway is the ideal solution for residential and SOHO users where there is an urgent need to share ADSL access with other family members or colleagues. Residential users will especially appreciate the fact that PCs, game consoles, PDAs, set top boxes, and other devices can instantly connect to the Internet through a single high-speed ADSL point of access.

The SpeedTouch 516 ADSL residential gateway has a built-in firewall that denies unauthorized access to all PCs and Internet devices hooked up to the user's broadband ADSL connection. The SpeedTouch 516's powerful firewall can be configured
by end-users, equipment retailers or service providers for a broad range of security policies and requirements. Attacks are stopped in the gateway and will not reach the networked devices. With the SpeedTouch 516, you'll be secure 24/7.

Note : This product will require a seperate ethernet switch for connecting multiple users

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