Linksys WGKPC354G Wireless-G ADSL Network Kit (WAG354G/WPC54G)Product now discontinued
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Linksys WGKPC354G Wireless-G ADSL Network Kit (WAG354G/WPC54G)

Brand : Linksys
Mfr# : WGKPC354G-UK
Quick : 2622
5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Good little router
Reviewed by tttonyyy,
This is a great little router. I have both V1 and V2 hardware, and you can build your own firmware images from source for it by following this guide:

(Good job Marco!)

The DNS problem is caused by dnsmasq crashing on the router. Assign your ISPs DNS addresses manually at your computer.

Also possible to unbrick via TFTP, for those with the "flashing light" problem (even if it won't respond to pings). Just use XP's built in tftp command:

tftp -i PUT your_image_from_the_linksys_website.bin

THEN power up the router (may take a few goes to succeed but when it does, leave it ten minutes and you should have a live router again :) )

Top bit of kit with great modding potential.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Very Happy!
Reviewed by Pete Jones,
Ordered this from BBB 11am and it was on my door the next day at 8am thanks to the royal mail and their special delivery service!

Unpacked the box, everything looked in order. Went into the setup as instructed and was really pleased with how easy it was to install. I had one slight problem where I had to call the linksys helpline on. (free phone number). The person on the other end of the line was very helpful and had my problem solved in a couple of mins. They then guided me onwards for the whole installation!! This impressed me alot!

Anyhow, I am now sat downstairs on my laptop (main pc and router upstairs) which is now wireless!

Download rates are fantastic, security seems good and no problems! My range is great too! I can be outside with no problems!!

If you are thinking about buying this, don't! BUY IT NOW :D
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4 of 5 stars 4 stars
A good product, but with one flaw
Reviewed by Stuart,
First of all, great service from Broadbandbuyer as usual. No problems there.

This is a good router and has definately improved both the wired and wireless portions of my network. It's easy to configure, and has a wealth of options and status reports. However, there is a flaw in the device's DNS. After a few hours the router will fail to resolve domain names for connected computers with a static IP address that are pointing to the router for DNS (machines using DHCP are not affected). Rebooting the router, or disconnecting and reconnecting the DSL connection fix it until it happens again a few hours later. A bit of searching on Google revealed that many other people have experienced this issue and it was known to Linksys over a year ago, but no fix has been released (I am running the latest firmware). The only work around is to set the DNS addresses of machines with a static IP to the ISPs DNS servers. It's not something that can't be worked around, but it does taint this product.
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Faulty within one month
Reviewed by azeem,
Bought this from maplins and worked well for first month suddenly power supply light started flickering and router did not recognise ethernet or the phone connection.
Took it back to maplins and they will not exchange but only repair or exchange once they have had the router for two weeks. Absolutely useless service they should at least replace on the spot like John Lewis When will these retailers ever learn to become user friendly like the americans? I am never going to buy anything from Maplins. Beware!!!
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Reviewed by Mike,
Excellent router. 5 inches square and 1 inch thick, nothing sticking out, sits on its edge so takes up very little space. Works great.

The laptop card works OK but doesn't pick up wirelss signals as well as the wifi built into my wife's laptop. But it does what I need it to do - adequately picks up our router all over the house.

Got my in October 2006. It's cheap just for the router alone! So buy the kit and sell the laptop card if you don't need it or if you need a more powerful card.

So 5 stars overall despite the card being three and a half stars.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Easy Setup and excelent value for money
Reviewed by ,
Both items worked straight out of the box. Just unpack and follow the excellent installation wizard provided on the accompanying CD’s, nothing could be simpler.
Extremely good value to boot.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
great router
Reviewed by james,
Easy to setup, connects nice and quick, great cheap router.

I didn't need the wireless card so sold it on ebay for £20, this makes the router such a bargain
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Excellent piece of equipment
Reviewed by Trevor Cope,
Using win 98se o/s,easy to setup.
Setup guide simple,make show you have router setup info from your dsl provider.

Laptop setup easy and got the full 54Mbps wireless connection
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Reviewed by Rob,
Set one of these up at the weekend. Very easy to install, didn't bother with the CD, just plugged the patch cable into my ethernet adapter and browsed to and configured it. Simply selected PPPoA and changed to the VPI/VCI to 0,38 for the UK and entered in the service username and password and it was on the internet. There is a lot of things on the main page which can be confuisng but most of them are not necessary, just read the user guide on the CD if you get stuck or press help on the right side of the page. The wireless was even easier to setup, just pick a SSID and a security option (Don't use WEP - is is not secure, use WPA/PSK).

As for making it secure, these are the things I did:
-Change the default username/password.
-Disable UPnP (stops apps/viruses from opening ports to the Internet without asking you.)
-Disable WAN administration
-Use WPA-PSK with a 64bit key (get a good one from
-Turn on the firewall
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will this do it for me
Reviewed by andy w,
i've got a win xp desktop a centrino laptop a ppc with wifi an old win 98 laptop and am looking at getting a squeezebox or something similar. would this be suitable to link my computers to the internet (i've got a 2mbps bt yahoo connection) and the squeezebox to my desktop to stream mp3's? any advice/ suggestions much appreciated, thanks.
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very good now it's working
Reviewed by alan westake,
A little tricky to set up and I thought I knew about these things. Connected OK to router but it wouldn't connect to the internet at first. Problem was had VC and VP set to auto. Changed it to 0,38 and it started working. Also I set it to PPPoA even though the documentation suggest setting it to one of the bridged modes if your ISP uses DHCP, which is nearly of them. Bit confusing! Fine now. Need the external ariel for a better signal.
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Worth my money
Reviewed by Anon,
Worked out of the box wired. Had problems configuring WEP but as soon as I bit the bullet and used WPA (better security) it worked fine. I had the 'connect to the router but not the net' issue until I did.

The install can be a little confusing so I would suggest reading up on the words used to describe WEP and WPA security before starting. There are multiple ways to say the same thing and Linksys have choosen to use more than one throughout so you need to keep your wits about you.
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Info on Linksys site
Reviewed by John P,
Don't search for WGKPC354G on the Linksys site as this is the bundle part number, the AP part number is WAG354G and there is plenty of information available.
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Reviewed by bobxm,
Almost worked straight out the box but my home network was set to a different subnet, install guide assumes your network subnet is 192.168.1.X and does not mention having to change it. Once that was resolved it worked like a charm 1st time, seems very fast and has not dropped connection or locked up yet and does not get very warm. Very pleased!
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Ps2 problems
Reviewed by Umar,
Any got there ps2 working with this router? cant seem to get my online games working with it.
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Reviewed by Kru,
Couldn't use CD to set-up, as recommended in manuals. Instead used admin page to set-up manually. Linksys on-line help suggested this.

Set-up using WPA TSK to secure, hiding SSID.

Very good singal strength and consistency. Does tend to run quite warm though.
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Great Package ! even got it half price in the sales !
Reviewed by IT Dude,
Setup as a bit hit and miss as the instructions are very basic. I had to reset to factory defaults a few times. But now its working with full WPA encryption, MAC Address filtering and limited IP addresses - even turned off SSID.

No dropped connections to report.
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I somehow managed to get this to work!
Reviewed by BigmanMGW,
I Upgraded firmware just to be up to date. See below for correct site, as is not correct site.

I too can connect to router but as anon states, it says it cannot find an internet connection. But when I open a browser it connects to the web anyway !! ?? Think this must be a bug.

Message to Steve Walker - You're probably looking for downloads for the bundle not the individual model. Get update for router WAG354G from Go to support and look it up from there.

Great piece of kit !!
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Reviewed by Anon,
I agree with the other guy...I got it connected to the router but couldnt connect to the internet?!
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Probably faulty but Linksys not helpful
Reviewed by Steve Walker,
Got the router up and running by just plugging it all together; unfortunately, the web-based configuration firmware was not accessible. Can't therefore set-up the ADSL and wireless side of things. LinkSys have absolutely no information about this product on their web site. Not impressed: shall be asking for a refund.
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