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Thomson SpeedTouch 780WL Wireless ADSL 2/2+ VoIP Router

Brand : Thomson
Mfr# : 780WL
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The ultimate in digital and voice communication
The SpeedTouch IADs are DSL broadband access devices that allow ADSL connectivity while providing voice over IP functions for home and office users. The SpeedTouch 706WL and 780WL offer additional 802.11g wireless LAN inter face. Both IADs support ADSL2/ADSL2+ and are backward compatible to ADSL offering auto-negotiation capability.

Easy to install / Easy to manage
Different mechanisms are available for remote or auto-configuration : TFTP/DHCP scenario's and full TR-69 Data Model are supported. Through the implementation of TR-104 for VoIP you will be able to confi gure and manage all your voice services.
The SpeedTouch Wireless Home Install Wizard makes setting up a wireless home network as easy as clicking a button, thereby drastically reducing helpdesk calls.
The wizard performs comprehensive system checks before and during the installation process, and validates all user inputs to guarantee the end-user a secured wireless connection (using WEP or WPA) to the Internet.

Voice over IP
The SpeedTouch 706(WL) offers one and the SpeedTouch 780(WL) offers two phone connectors to accommodate a telephone and a fax, for example. Once registered with a VoIP service, regular phone calls can be conducted over the Internet offering all the benefits of IP telephony. Both devices natively offer a wide range of supplementary services like Caller ID, CLIR, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way conference, and message waiting notification.

The SpeedTouch firewall guarantees users the ultimate level in network security. Through integration with Hyper-NAT, the firewall leverages all the Application Level Gateways provided in the Hyper-NAT context to minimize undesired service impact. The SpeedTouch firewall provides stateful inspection of packets, and an integrated Denial of Service (DoS) engine monitors a wide range of attack patterns, and logs potential security breaches to a local cache or remote server.
The SpeedTouch 780WL also support powerful wireless security mechanisms, such as Wi-Fi Protected AccessTM (WPA), Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption, and a physical registration button, which allows users to communicate and access data with efficient link quality and the highest level of network security. Filtering of unwanted content on the Internet also got integrated. Different levels of content filtering are available ranging from white list/blacklist that can be maintained locally or remotely, to subscription-based URL blocking using a network located URL database for URL classification.

The SpeedTouch IADs support a number of features, which guarantee efficient and robust delivery of multimedia services from the core of the network right to the end-user. .

  • TR-37 enables auto-configuration of network bandwidth according to service needs, allowing seamless integration with the network's provisioning system.
  • Diffserv IP QoS
  • Wi-Fi QoS, such as WME and WMM, guarantee local delivery of streamed media to the service delivery nodes.
  • The optional dedication of the 5 GHz spectrum to streaming media adds robustness to the Wi-Fi delivery path.
  • Smart DNS and DHCP support smooth introduction pf media delivery nodes, like Set Top boxes, VoIP phones, etc.

The FLEXIBundLE architecture enables service providers to define, manage, and evolve the characteristics of the service offered adopt the specific features of a differentiated service offering. The basis for this architecture is an extensive multi-role, multi-user management framework that allows each individual component of the Gateway to be (de)activated independently and remotely.

Hyper-NAT with IP pass-through
Hyper-NAT delivers absolute flexibility in managing any type of Network Address and/or Port translation, enabling seamless operation of servers on the local network. An extensive list of Application Level Gateways completes this powerful architecture to simultaneously enable services like:

  • Any-to-many IPSec,
  • L2TP and PPTP pass-through,
  • IP pass-through,
  • SIP, H.323...,
  • FTP, RTSP, IPv6inIPv4, Jabber, Netmeeting, Microsoft Messenger...

Why Speedtouch?

  • The same software for our whole product range.
  • We have strong management of IP QoS which comes from our Business Routers. We can support either QoS on multiple VP/VC (ATM level) or/and QoS at IP level.
  • We have an implementation of TR-69 that enables an easy rollout on the field, in addition to our easy install wizard.
  • We use VoIP stack from a market leader that guarantees instant operability with softswitch- and IP-PBX vendors and that gives confidence (SIP, MGCP or H.323).
  • We support port mapping on any RJ45 port depending on the type of traffic (e.g. data, voice, or video).

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