Cisco RVL200 4 Port SSL/IPSec VPN Broadband RouterProduct now discontinued Alternative available
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Cisco RVL200 4 Port SSL/IPSec VPN Broadband Router

Brand : Cisco SMB
Mfr# : RVL200-UK
Quick : 3941
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Bad Outweighs Good!
Reviewed by ,
I have used the RVL200 for over a year with some success and a few frustrations. Its main failing is that it occasionally gave up trying to auto-reconnect the WAN interface after a reboot, requiring non-tech staff to login to the router and manually connect the WAN interface. For a router marketed as a branch office router, this isn't an ideal situation. Upgrading to the latest official/unofficial firmware yields the same results!

Unfortunately I've had to remove the router from service, because it now always, rather than occassionally, fails to auto-reconnect the WAN interface. The complaints from the users got too much!
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Good product
Reviewed by Geoff Allison,
This router works really well - upgrade to latest firmware from for best results. Seems to be the last business series product from LinkSys that is good before going downhill and before Cisco seems to have improved matters!
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RVL200 Rocks!!!
Reviewed by Simon Slater,
This small but feature packs router is awsome. this CPU is a Cavium CN225 with 16Mb Flash Ram and 64Mb of Main Memory. With 5 SSL clients, 1 IPSec Tunnel and tons of features this small router is ideal for the user with a small business who needs external access to his LAN. the SSL client connectivity is very slick and authorisation comes with many forms: Active Directoy, NT Domain, Radius PAP, Radius - CHAP, Radius – MSCHAP and Radius – MSCHAPV2. it also allows SSL clients IPs to be configured to what ever IP/Subnet you want. QoS is handled by Priority or Rate control and CoS or DSCP. Static DHCP is available for upto 100 IP/MAC entries. Also supported is Multiple VLANs and Inter VLAN routing. One-to-One NAT is also supported For the Price this 4 Port SSL NAT Router is excellent value for money. New firmwares are available from or new Beta firmwares from
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