D-Link DSL-2640 ADSL 2+ Wireless-G Router W/ QOSProduct now discontinued Alternative available
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D-Link DSL-2640 ADSL 2+ Wireless-G Router W/ QOS

Brand : D-Link
Mfr# : DSL-2640B/UK
Quick : 5044
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Very Poor
Reviewed by Ross Imlach,
I was given this router from TalkTalk (An ISP that I would never recommend either), and I have had nothing but trouble with this router. One of the main problems I have had, is that it really does not like my BlackBerry 8120. Every time I connect via Wi-Fi, it cuts out, and automatically re-boots its self, therefore I cannot use my BlackBerry with it. Another problem I have had is that it also does not like my small home server. It cuts out at various points for what seems like no reason. Another small thing is that it does not support VPN links, which I miss being able to do, as it allows me to control my server from further afield when doing things such as freelance web development.

Overall, I am quite disappointed with this router, and I am glad that I am no longer using it.
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Great Router
Reviewed by Dawid,
Fantastic product. Everything work fine without any problems and never drop my speed from O2 broadband 16mb/s

Very Easy to set up
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
D-Link 2640B ADSL2/2+ Wireless router
Reviewed by Gra W,
Cant reccomend these routers enough !! I have two, and just got one for my parents. After having tried this side-by-side with a Netgear DG834GT (which uses the same chipset) I can honestly say that on my broadband line, the D-Link wins.

Easy-to-use web-based interface gives easy access to all the features and stats, so novice or advanced users should both be comfortable with using it.

Best of all, its compatable with DMT and Routerstats Lite, for tweaking and being able to monitor your broadband lines performance.
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Reviewed by Sean,
I was given a DSL-2640U router as a gift. It worked sporadically, with the power going off and on.

I contacted D-LINK support, who told me they would not honour the warranty unless I told them which shop I bought it from. They said from the serial number it was from the Middle East, but they arent sure. I contacted the Middle East and after a lengthy wait, was just referred back to my own region again.

D-LINK support dont care. They now dont answer e-mails or support tickets at all. Once you have the product, the support is worthless.

I know the power supply is working, but what they told me is that the power supply is the weakest link and is NOT UNDER WARRANTY and will cost as much as half a new router. So they know they wont have to pay for any power supply problems! How sneaky is that.!
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Death by heat or Lightning
Reviewed by Doug Kemp,
This is the second time I am submitting this review If it does not make it to publication I shall be screaming on face book etc not to trust Broadband Buyer reviews.

After about a year of use this router has “died” the whole of the ADSL (broadband) side is dead.
The state of the wireless is unknown (I don’t have any wireless devices at the moment).
I am left with a network hub/switch because that’s all that works.

I have tried power off/on and reset button.

The Router died during the recent storms so may have been blown by a lightning strike some distance away. No my house did not suffer any direct hit..
Also it always ran rather hot I guess either the heat or lightning killed it.


Publishing accurate reviews not only helps our customers make informed purchases, but also helps us, as it is not in our interest to sell products that lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Reviews can take a few days to get published. BBB
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Reviewed by Paul Watson,
Excellent value did just the job
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It's Dead Now
Reviewed by Doug,
Ive had this router a year now and the ADSL modem side has just died.
So all I have now is a network switch.
I probably died because EITHER it overheated (it was always like a hot brick) OR it was susceptible to lightning strikes and no the house did not suffer a direct hit.
Im not going to replace with this make.

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Good router but.....
Reviewed by ,
The operation for most home users seem fine but this is marketed as a higher end router which at that level is does have some shortcomings. Heres a few that Dlink dont let you know about.

1) DDNS yes it supports it but only 2 suppliers and it supports only basic DNS name, there's no MX (for email services) or Wildcard options.

2) Port forwarding - it works but you seem to have to reboot the router everytime to get it to work properly.

3) Port forwarding with port address translation (PAT) where external port x is changed to internal port y. This seems to be supported but after 2 days I still could not get it to work.

4) Documentation - both the manual on the CDrom and the website appear to be for V1 but the unit has V4 firmware thus a number of the configuration pages are either different to the manual or or not included.

5) QOS no documentation for the config of advance QOS and the simple QOS rules on my router failed with an error.

Thus its being returned - Very disappoi
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
has to be the best
Reviewed by Faisal Nur,
i just got this free from talktalk contract with 1 year

and i haved to say this is the machine it works fine no drop down niether lost connection its just smart HEY!! is d-link i must say is brilliant product
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Very Impressed
Reviewed by DCH,
I received this router free with talktalks broadband/telephony deal three days ago. I was using a BT Voyager 2500V on BTs option 3 previously. The DSL 2640 was up and ready in minutes. I didnt bother with the CD, as one of the previous commentators mentioned, just point your browser at and use the intuitive menu system.

There has been an improvement in download speed over the 2500V. The diagnostics showed about 6.7Mbps on the 2500V and Im reading 8.1Mbps on the DSL 2640. As well as hardwired PCs (2) and a printer, the wireless performs very well too. Ive got it hooked up to four laptops, a PS3 and a Nokia N95 8GB. Excellent/VG signal strength around the house and no disconnections so far.

It is a very neat looking, compact piece of kit and it doesnt generate a great deal of heat either, unlike some of the routers Ive used.

Overall, I am very happy with the product and feel it deserves five stars.
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2 of 5 stars 2 stars
Reviewed by Rhys,
Ive had several wireless routers and this one is by far the worst Ive ever experienced. It drops the signal frequently and regardless of my fast connection speed, it is slow.

If people are experiencing the same problems as I, here are some tips:

1. Make sure the router is plugged directly into the mains supply. Do not run it off an extension as its power will drop and therefore the signal.

2. Make sure you password protect this thing because any other users (even wired) will cause this thing to have a nervous breakdown.

I hope this helps.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Multiple XBox live accounts.... Buy now
Reviewed by Steve,
More than one xbox360?

Can only get OPEN NAT on one for online play?

Plugged this in, 5 minutes to manually add my broadband account details and wireless settings through the web interface... I didnt bother with the disk

After that, happy kids all 3 able to play xbox live with OPEN NAT and use the voice chat features.

Nice one..... running firmware 3 as supplied.

Later firmware enables NAT filtering but seeing as this can be bypassed in a few seconds I just kept the original firmware and it works like a dream.

Range seems good for a G device, its also serving 4 PCs wirelessly!

Price equals bargain!

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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Excellent kit and great value
Reviewed by James,
Just bought a DSL-2640B to replace a D-Link DSL-G624M that had terminally overheated after two years of excellent service and I am well impressed. Excellent interface, easy to set up (dont bother with the bundled CD, just point your browser at, fast and reliable. Oozes quality and looks well-made. Given how cheap it is, you cant get any better than this!
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4 of 5 stars 4 stars
2 Xbox360's with open nat
Reviewed by ,
Excellent fit and forget router. Easy to set up and sorts itself out with minimal fuss.
Im using it to connect 2 wired pcs, 1 wired xbox, 1 wireless xbox, 1 wireless laptop and 2 psp's to the web and each other. Recommended.

Only downside is no vertical stand but not a huge problem.

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Took all day to set up!
Reviewed by Charlotte,
Fast, next day delivery, great value for money now its set up, but took me all day! click and go CD was not as simple as it sounds, what a nightmare!
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Excellent Router
Reviewed by D McColgan,
Very easy to set up and I am an IT phobe! Have been using a Netgear DG384 (silver) for years and not getting full performance, now I am 8meg all the way what a difference that makes. I am yet to try it with voice protocol but I am assured that it will work well on one line.

The wireless range is great working all round the house and garden. Looks neat and would highly recommend for the money.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Great Router
Reviewed by Garth Oatley,
I’ve had this router for about a week now. It was purchased to replace a failing 2 year old ZyXEL router so I was looking for something cheap. At £35, you probably won’t get much cheaper that this. What you get for your money is a fully featured, great performing router, with an easy to use administrator interface.

The overall finish of the router is good. Although well made, it feels like costs £35 but don’t let that put you off. The router is small and discrete.

I have a number of wireless devices in the house, Laptops, Linux desktops, Wii etc. All work without fault. I had an issue with the wireless strength of the unit but this seemed to be resolved when I specified the wireless channel to use, instead of using auto scanning. There are a number of wireless hotspots from surrounding residential areas so something may have been conflicting.

Great service from BBB, ordered 3pm, arrived 9am the next day.
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Not all it cracks up to be
Reviewed by Dave,
This router keeps sporadically dropping my (virgin adsl) connection and does not seem capable of reconnecting again (it does try to) until rebooted by either the GUI or a power cycle.

If I unplug it, and replace it with the belkin router I had to start with, everything works fine, using the same cables and same filters. What can you do?

Poor show DLink. I had wanted the QOS but Ill trade it in for the stability of the belkin. Any chance of a refund?
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Good but no MAC Filtering
Reviewed by Alex May,
Even though it says it supports it on various web sites, this device does not after much sweat and blood.

Apparently in a few weeks time, updated firmware will support this.

Easy to set up though.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Reviewed by Simon,
Brilliant product. So easy to set up and use. Looks much better than most on the market. Brilliant parental controls which are easy to set up and use from the product interface. Cannot fault it at all. So cheap for what you get.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Sweet router
Reviewed by Janet,
Bought one of these routers mainly because of the great price. However the unit is well built and is excellent value for money.

Cheers BBB
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