SMC SMC7904WBRA-N Barricade N-Pro ADSL 2+ Wireless-N Router W/ Annex M (300Mbps)Product now discontinued
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SMC SMC7904WBRA-N Barricade N-Pro ADSL 2+ Wireless-N Router W/ Annex M (300Mbps)

Brand : SMC
Mfr# : SMC7904WBRA-N UK
Quick : 5270
5 Stars, delivers a strong, reliable signal, David Ludlow, Computer Shopper
5 of 5 stars 5 stars
easy to set up
Reviewed by ,
purchased this april 12th after my previous one the wireless side stopped working but then i had it for years, easy to set up with bt broadband, just add in your email address which with bt is your user name and your email password, up and running within 1/2 hour

would recomed
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4 of 5 stars 4 stars
ADSL Router
Reviewed by pelican,
Excellent service. Ordered and received within 2 days.
Matched up to my expectation from SMC.
I originally started with a Barricade 57Kbps modem ( that was fast!) multiple computers sharing a dial-up line. Then moved to the ADSL Barricade and when that died on me last week after some 8 years of service I decided it was time to go wireless. Some of the reviews did cause me a little hesitation but I decided to follow my own experience and went for the SMC7904WBRA-N. Great value and have had confidence of
the Barricades firewall.
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4 of 5 stars 4 stars
Very good router
Reviewed by L Mattheus,
Just bought this yesterday. first impressions - looks good, light, small. when i went into the setup, it was very difficult to get my nokia n95 to work with it. i realised that the router needs to be compatible with the phones security, so i set it tio wpa/wpa2 mixed with a psk. worked perfectly. the internet is also faster, but my wireless adapter is saying it is only getting 130mbps. bit strange really. dunno if its something to do with the channel or bandwidth.
Anyway, quite good at streaming as well and online gaming.
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1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Think carefully before buying
Reviewed by ,
First the good points:

Excellent service from broadbandbuyer.
Easy to setup

Now the bad:

This router has a couple of problems, even after updating the firmware, which has made me put it back in its box and return to my BT-homehub.

The throughput is choppy, even on ethernet, which means that watching a streamed video (off youtube, for example) is impossible.

Does not seem to like some wireless G devices. My palm pilot refused to detect the wireless off the router, despite the router being set to B,G and N. This has not happened with any other router (Netgear, Linksys, Thompson).

Yes, it is cheap and I guess you get what you pay for but I've put this back in its box until the next firmware update then I'll try it again
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
delivers a strong, reliable signal
Reviewed by David Ludlow, Computer Shopper,
This router supports WPS push-button configuration. It works in a similar way to Buffalo’s AOSS technology,
transferring wireless network settings to compatible clients at the push of a button.

Performance with our Centrino laptop was very good. It managed 11.24Mbit/s at 25m, which indicates that it delivers a strong, reliable signal. All the usual features include UPnP, port forwarding and Dynamic DNS. The only option missing is QoS for prioritising network traffic.

If you don’t use a lot of VoIP, you’ll not miss it, though. This is a simple, inexpensive way to upgrade to a Draft-N wireless network.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Amazing value
Reviewed by Jim Steer,
Bought one of these last week. Amazing price and wireless n draft 2!!

Setup in a few minutes and great range.
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