Zoom X4 5751AG V2 USB/Ethernet ADSL 2+ Modem 5751-72-00AGProduct now discontinued
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Zoom X4 5751AG V2 USB/Ethernet ADSL 2+ Modem 5751-72-00AG

Brand : Zoom
Mfr# : 5751-72-00AG
Quick : 645

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The Zoom X4 5751AG ADSL 2+ Modem delivers up to 24 Mbps data speeds over existing telephone wires and is suitable for use in homes or small offices. The Zoom X4 is compatible with older ADSL protocols as well as the new ADSL 2/2+ standards for higher data speeds and extended distances at which high data rates can be delivered.* The Ethernet interface on the Zoom X4 provides connection to a computer running most operating systems, including all Windows operating systems, XP and Me as well as Linux, Unix and Mac Operating system. The Zoom X4 can also be plugged into a hub or wireless access point to provide concurrent Internet access for up to 253 networked computers. The USB port supports connection to a Windows computer.

Key Features

  • ADSL 2/2+ compliant with Ethernet and USB Interfaces modem for faster ADSL speeds and extended distances at which high-speed data can be delivered
  • High-speed "always on" Internet access
  • ADSL modem plus router supports up to 253 concurrent Internet users
  • Advanced security from hacker attacks with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Network Address Translation NAT) firewalls
  • Works with all popular ADSL services
  • Fast and easy installation with auto configuration
  • Two phone jacks, including one filtered jack to support an attached telephone
  • Software upgradeable Ethernet interface for use with most operating systems
  • USB interface for connection to Windows computers
  • Works great with wireless access points
  • SNMP support (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • TR-69 Support
  • Two year warranty

Security features include Network Address Translation (NAT), and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI). The NAT firewall hides computers on the local area network from uninvited access through the Internet. SPI assesses the protocol and packet addresses being received to determine if the information should be passed through the firewall to the connected computers. SPI and NAT protect against Internet worms and Denial of Service attacks, some of the most publicized forms of malicious intrusion from the Internet.

Setup is easy using any authorized local or remote computer's Web browser and the intuitive graphical user interface. An auto configuration option automatically establishes the protocol and encapsulation used by the ADSL service. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is supported for remote maintenance by network administrators. Zoom ADSL gateways are backed by a two year warranty and over 27 years of experience in the design and support of communication products.

Standard Warranty: 2-Years

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