NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition RNDP 6-bay High Performance Network Storage Enclosure - RNDP600EProduct now discontinued
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NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition RNDP 6-bay High Performance Network Storage Enclosure - RNDP600E

Mfr# : RNDP600E-100EUS
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Though discontinued, similar products are available from NETGEAR

Performance, capacity, and ease-of-use

  • Diskless, preconfigured with home version software.
  • High-performance architecture for fast data throughput
  • Up to 9 TB storage
  • Data protection with auto RAID management and online volume expansion
  • Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux clients across the network
  • Dual Ethernet failover design for high availability
  • iSCSI for compatibility with Microsoft Exchange and database servers

ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition is the newest and fastest member of the award-winning ReadyNAS product family. But speed is just one element of the Pro. With X-RAID2, RAID 6, and hot spare support, the ReadyNAS Pro automates future volume expansion and provides the utmost option in data protection. File and media streaming services are second to none, and the comprehensive backup support helps to prevent a data loss catastrophe. The performance and system design of the ReadyNAS Pro continues the tradition of excellence and again raises the bar for the ultimate network storage solution.

Class-leading Performance
Powered by an Intel multi-core processor, the ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition makes no compromise on performance. While other NAS tout the ability to do a couple of HD streams, the Pro can easily handle 14 simultaneous 1080p HD streams. While you may not need 14 HD streams, or being able to read and write to the Pro at blistering 100+ megabytes per second, the extra performance cushion gives you the option of having the Pro multitask for you without missing a beat.

Easy Deployment and Management
With an easy Web browser interface and Setup Wizard, the ReadyNAS can be configured quickly and with minimal effort. Traditional file servers can take hours to understand and set up, can be very expensive with client licensing, and they don't have the comprehensive system monitoring and email alerts that are a staple of all ReadyNAS devices. And, with advanced features such as SMART disk pre-failure warnings and scheduled disk scrubbing in conjunction with background file system checking, you can be sure that maintaining data integrity is the highest priority with the ReadyNAS Pro.

X-RAID2 Auto-Expandable RAID Technology
X-RAID2 is the 2nd generation of NETGEAR's proven patent-pending Auto-Expandable X-RAID technology. With X-RAID2, not only will you have peace of mind that your data is protected from a disk failure, but as you need more disk space, expanding your data volume is as easy as adding more drives into available drive bays and letting the expansion occur automatically in the background, all while your data remains online. Additionally, as your storage requirement grows, you can hotswap your disks with larger capacity ones, and X-RAID2 automatically and incrementally expands your storage "vertically." No other NAS device in this class can do this without reformatting your disks and shuffling your data back and forth.

RAID 6 and Hot Spare for Extra Redundancy
In addition to X-RAID2, the ReadyNAS Pro supports FlexRAID mode where you can configure your data volume with RAID 0, 1, 5, or 6, with the option of a hot spare. The addition of RAID 6 on the Pro provides an extra level of protection against two simultaneous disk failures. The extra drive bays provided by the 6-bay ReadyNAS Pro makes RAID 6 and hot spare practical options to increase redundancy and further reduce the window in which the ReadyNAS may be left in an unprotected state.

Ultimate File and Media Streaming Server
The number of computers and external drives that currently hold your data in your home or office can certainly make locating, sharing, and backing up files an arduous task. The ReadyNAS Pro can simplify that. Whether serving data to your PC, Mac, or Linux computers, or streaming digital media content to your Xbox 360, PS3, Squeezebox, or NETGEAR's own EVA Digital Entertainer, you can now centralize all of that data in one safe place. In fact, with the various streaming services such as iTunes and UPnP already built-in, the ReadyNAS Pro will stream directly to your digital media players without the need for your computer to be powered on.

Flexible Backups
A sound backup strategy is important at work and at home. Relying on manually copying of your important files is tedious, error-prone, and can be forgotten until a catastrophe occurs. Because the ReadyNAS Pro is always available on the network, a better approach is to eliminate the uncertainty and automate the backups. With the NTI Shadow for ReadyNAS that is included with the Pro, simply select the folders on your PC or Mac you want to backup, specify the ReadyNAS as the target, and you're set to go. Shadow uses CDP (continuous data protection) technology so backups occur as soon as your files are saved. And with versioning support, you can easily revert back to any number of past revisions of your files.

Additionally, the ReadyNAS Pro comes with an integrated Backup Manager with which you can initiate the backups straight from the ReadyNAS. The Backup Manager allows you to create backup jobs between the ReadyNAS and a remote PC, Mac, or Linux system, another ReadyNAS, or a USB drive attached to the ReadyNAS, and you can choose to run the job on a schedule or by simply pressing the Backup button on the front of the chassis.

Advanced System Design
At a mere ten inches tall and seven inches wide, the compact design of the ReadyNAS Pro is just slightly larger than the 6 drives that it houses. Smart energy-saving modes like disk spin-down, scheduled power timer, and Wake-on-LAN allows the Pro to perform at its highest capacity when needed, but allows it to switch to standby or power-off mode when it's not being used. And with strategically placed fans, the ReadyNAS Pro runs quietly, yet keeps your disks and components safely cooled.


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