Zoom 4506 Portable WiFi 3G Router (150Mbps N) 4506-72-00FProduct now discontinued
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Zoom 4506 Portable WiFi 3G Router (150Mbps N) 4506-72-00F

Brand : Zoom
Mfr# : 4506-72-00F
Quick : 8163
4 Stars, , Jonathan Bray, PC Pro 5 Stars, Simple to use; no speed loss; attractive design; wireless-N, Broadband Genie Online Review

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Zoom 4506 USB Modem Compatibility and Firmware updates

With the Zoom 4506 3G Travel Router, your computers, mobile phones, and gaming consoles can share a high-speed Wireless-N connection to the Internet through your 3G mobile broadband USB modem. Just plug your USB Modem into the Zoom 4506 3G Travel Router, and then any WiFi devices you choose, can have fast, easy Internet access. Use it for just yourself, or share it with family members, friends, or business associates. The Zoom 4506 3G Travel Router works anywhere you can recieve a 3G signal - in a car, at home, at work, outdoors, at the airport, in a hotel, at a trade show and more!

Key Features

  • Wireless n/g/b Hotspot for computers, phones, game stations, and more!
  • 3G USB modem plugs into the Travel Router
  • Router is powered by an internal rechargeable battery (7 Hours) or the external power adapter (supplied)
  • Share your 3G modem Internet access wherever you like - outdoors, car, hotel, home, business, airport, trade show and more!
  • Works with Apple iPad Wi-Fi - Router creates a Wi-Fi network from your 3G USB modem which the iPad can connect to
  • Light weight device weighing around 5 ounces (Including batteries)
  • Slim line design 3 x 4.2 x .87 inches
  • Range Extender feature gives high-speed Internet even where the 3G signal is weak
  • All your WiFi devices can share your high-speed modem's Internet connection

The Zoom 4506 3G wireless-N travel router works anywhere your mobile broadband modem works and whats best is that you don't even need a power outlet! The Travel Router works for 7* hours or more on its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It also works and recharges when its small power adaptor is plugged into a power outlet.

The Router is pocket-sized and light, so it's easy to take anywhere measuring just 3in x 4.2in!! Its wireless-N networking capability is fast, offering extended signal range for maximum mobility and to expand the range and enhance the data rate of your mobile broadband connections.

The Zoom 4506 Travel Router is widely compatible with most 3G USB mobile broadband modems. The following is current as of October, 2009. Additional modems may have been added. Check the Zoom website for an updated list.

Networking with the Travel Router
The Zoom 4506 3G Travel Router has Wireless-N capability, so it's not only compatible with Wireless N devices but also with b and g. The router supports all the popular wireless security modes, including WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPS, so it's easy for you to control who has access to your Travel Router.

When traveling, you can connect to the Travel Router through its wireless-N capability or through the Ethernet port using a Cat5e cable. Plug the Zoom 4506 3G Travel Router into the Ethernet port of an ADSL modem or cable modem for an instant mobile broadband backup to your wired Internet connection.

The Zoom 4506 3G Travel Router is a small, but powerful wireless router with features like SPI firewall, VPN Pass-through, remote management, Universal Plug and Play , and other advanced router functions for up to 253 simultaneous users. It also supports a wide range of connection approaches to your Internet Service Provider, including static IP, dynamic IP (DHCP client), PPTP, L2TP, PPPoE, and 3G.

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