Billion BiPAC 7800 Gigabit Dual WAN ADSL 2+ RouterProduct now discontinued
Billion BiPAC 7800
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Billion BiPAC 7800 Gigabit Dual WAN ADSL 2+ Router

Brand : Billion
Mfr# : BiPAC 7800
Quick : 8420
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Reviewed by Keith Mendum,
Tweaking the SNR settings down from 10.5dB to 8.5dB gives an increase in download speed to 9.3Mb, up from 8.2Mb. Ill experiment with lower SNR settings as time goes. Upload speed is solid at 1020k. Makes the upgrade to FTTC less pressing!
The Broadcom chipset correctly interworks with the Broadcom DSLAM in my local exchange and the impulse noise tolerance is great.

The web interface is logical and consistent, something you could never accuse my previous Thomson router of.

My Thomson router may be highly reliable, but the 7800 provides a very welcome boost in speed and so far is reliable.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Billion 7800
Reviewed by Daniel Carroll,
Routers can be the bane of your life. Speedtouch, Draytek et al can drive you to distraction.

This Billion 7800 model (and Im sure the Wireless model too) is a delight. Auto-detects your DSL type and makes initial setup a breeze. More importantly it is robust when you make any changes (unlike the flaky Speedtouch firmware).

This is definitely the router I will be recommending for all our installations from now on.
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3 of 5 stars 3 stars
Not a Dual WAN router like Draytek Models
Reviewed by Stephen Killen,
I am sure this is a very good router, but if you are looking for a Dual WAN router that load shares across both WAN ports and allows selective routing of data to your choice of WAN port then don't buy this router.

The Dual WAN capability only applies when the designated main WAN connection fails and the other WAN connection takes over.

If you are looking for this then you will need to look at the Draytek or TP-Link models.

I have given it 3 stars on the basis that it seems to be a good router, but the specification information could have been clearer to prevent
the mistake that I made.
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Rural broadband accelerator
Reviewed by Chris Puttick,
You'll have to find the hidden menu snr.cgi & tweak settings to suit, but I easily increased speed by 90% (now at a stable 2.3mbps with 4 miles to the exchange), by enabling PhyR (in ADSL Mode, reduces sensitivity to noise on the line) and messing with the SNR option until dB was down to 3ish. Highly recommended.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Billion BiPAC 7800 Gigabit Dual WAN ADSL 2+ Router
Reviewed by Bernard Gunther,
Compared with other routers I have tried, this has been perfect from the word go! Super reliable and very secure. I like the gigabyte connection speed across the network and the versatility of the set up. My VOIP phones are connected through and have been totally reliable.
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Not very robust - died after less than a week's use
Reviewed by Stuart Green,
After reading these reviews I thought I'd give this box a try and it seemed to work quite well.

However, after a week of heavy-ish use, something popped in it today and the network switch part of the device is now unusable which means that the device is fairly unusable.

Can't really recommend this as a robust device to run a business from if you need dual WAN capability. There are other devices which are much more reliable.
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5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Best modem router I've ever experienced
Reviewed by Ken,
Had bought the Billion 5200S RC (Infineon chipset - I think) from BBB, but I have a long rural-ish line (~55dB downstream attenuation) with Broadcom equipment at my exchange but that was a catastrophe for me with severe signal loss at evening/night. Got RMA'd and settled on this Billion 7800 as an alternative product replacement instead.

This modem works an absolute charm on my line (via BE broadband, for now) at 4400KBit, Broadcom all round. Plus using the modem's PhyR options and the hidden SNR tweak and dropped it from 6dB to 4.5dB and gained about 300KBit on the downstream sync.

I wanted to keep the wireless network separate and the unit runs very cool indeed, so didn't go for the 7800N. Used RouterStats to monitor it over a couple of days and proves to give an incredibly stable connection day/night, I'm well pleased with it and would definitely recommend it on long lines.
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Yes! The ONE
Reviewed by Babis CN,
Was not in hurry getting the modem so got the free post. Even this way the modem came one day before the expected. I have a line 2.400m away and the local dslam is infineon.

When arrived I just plug it in and not settings was need to be done or even use the quick set up(not even pass). Line was detected with in 30
seconds.UP and Working OUT of the Box.

Results compared with my current 2850. The 7800 synchronised about 1.5 - 2 mb less than the 2850 but bear in mind, not any tweak performed like SRA or PhyR or change at snr via secret menu. 7800 un-tweaked had 1-2 ms more ping but at TBmonitor will not give any latency spikes(2850 did). 7800 will not report any errors while the 2850 was full with my fast path line. OVER ALL PLEASED!a very good (for un-tweaked modem) stable/clear connection with infineon at dslam. I can tell for sure if tweaked will match it and beat the 2850. Keep in mind 2850 was tweaked...un-tweaked will get same or slightly
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Great performer on PlusNet Fibre
Reviewed by Crispy Dave,
I've now been using the Billion 7800 Router for over 2 years.

The config at the start seemed unreliable and confusing as the web service regularly failed while trying to configure the box, but soon discovered that this was down to it not liking Firefox. Once you switch to IE or Chrome all the interface issues go away. No more web service failures.

It's easy to configure for ADSL or fibre, and runs very fast. On a 74Mb FTTC line in the UK I get between 64 and 70Mb down and between 16 and 19mb up depending upon line conditions. I've disabled QOS as I have no need to limit bandwidth to certain traffic, and have set up client to site and site to site VPNs fairly easily. Make sure you disable ping replies though, as it's easy and effectively hides your router from the outside.

The BIOS is very stable, and has many features from more expensive alternatives if you want more than a standard router.

Loads of sites provide info on it, so you can always find a solution or guide on what you want to configure.

For me, not having wifi was one of main reasons I chose it, mainly because wifi gives me headaches, but also because I didn't want an easily hackable interface on my main router.

If you want wifi there is a 7800N version with built in wifi.

In use the router is very good and I'd recommend it to others.
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