Cisco Smart CallConnector Operator - L-SW-SCC-OPERATOR
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Cisco Smart CallConnector Operator - L-SW-SCC-OPERATOR

Brand : Cisco SMB
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Cisco Smart CallConnector Operator is a Windows application that has been specifically designed for the fast call handling plus contact management and messaging requirements of a small business operator position. For small business employees to communicate effectively with suppliers and customers in today's competitive business environment, they need ready access to information, updated in real time. They also need to stay connected-to one another and to the business applications they use to do their jobs. With the right solution, your business can collaborate more effectively and problem-solve like never before.

Key Features

  • Handle incoming calls quickly and transfer them to the appropriate and available employees with ease
  • View incoming calls to be answered at a glance, plus view the status of parked, transferred, and held calls
  • Easily send email or text (SMS) messages to employees that are not available to take calls
  • Quickly search for users in the directory and manage the organization's directories
  • View and update the availability, location, and telephone status of all employees.

Cisco Smart CallConnector Operator is an operator solution for the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS). Easy to install, configure, and use, the application offers a fully customisable user interface, allowing operators to resize feature windows and place them anywhere on the screen to meet individual needs. Users can also choose to use a mouse or a customizable keyboard to access features and for deployment flexibility

Customizable User Interface for Mouse, Keyboard, and Drag-and-Drop
CallConnector Operator allows operators to define how they want to use the solution-by keyboard or mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are available to handle calls faster without having to use a mouse or drag and drop from one window to another. Operators can use the drag-and-drop capability to make, transfer, conference, or pick up calls. The direction of the dragging actions and the state of the line to which the call is dragged affects the resulting operation.

Each operator can customize the CallConnector Operator graphical user interface (GUI) and the shortcut keys. Operators can:

  • Change the display font face and size.
  • Show or hide a window.
  • Lock the windows. While locked, the windows cannot be resized.
  • Change the location of a window.
  • Setup shortcut keys for accessing the operator features.
  • Receive popup notifications of incoming calls.
  • Ability to View Incoming and Operator-Extended Calls in Call Queues

The CallConnector Operator call queues display both the incoming calls, organized into administrator-defined call queues, and calls that have been extended by the operator to employees, put on hold, or parked. From the call queue window, the operator can:

  • View the incoming calls waiting to be answered
  • Answer the longest-waiting highest-priority call or a specific waiting call
  • View the calls that have been placed on hold or transferred to park slots or other numbers
  • Recall the longest-waiting, timed-out call or bring back a specific call

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