Netgear RNDU6320 ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Network Storage NAS 6TBProduct now discontinued
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Netgear RNDU6320 ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Network Storage NAS 6TB

Mfr# : RNDU6320-100UKS
Quick : 9550

Though discontinued, similar products are available from NETGEAR

The Netgear RNDU6320 ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Network Storage NAS delivers the performance and power needed to run the latest bleeding-edge applications, 6TB data capacity and the ability to store, share and protect your favourite multimedia collections. Two Gigabit Ethernet Ports in the Netgear RNDU6320 Ultra 6, deliver ultra-fast wired connections, while three USB ports offer the flexibility for users to connect other devices with a USB connection (e.g., printer servers, external USB storage devices or digital cameras).

Key Features

  • Blazing fast performances using 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • X-RAID2 - Manage volume expansion automatically as you add new hard drives or replace existing drives with larger capacity drives.
  • ReadyNAS Remote - Get secure drag-and-drop remote access without complicated network setups.
  • ReadyNAS Vault - Backup critical files off-site for added security and peace of mind, then access and restore them remotely online.
  • Rsync - Replicate and synchronize files between two ReadyNAS devices.
  • Media shifting with Skifta - Access multimedia content from your ReadyNAS while you're away from home on connected DLNA devices.
  • Transcoding with Orb - Convert multimedia content for optimal streaming on mobile devices.
  • Automatic Backups - Back up three computers (PC or Mac) continuously using Memeo Premium Backup and restore any previous version of a file with a simple right-click

Consolidate all your Movies, Photos, Music and Data from your existing PC's or Laptop's into one single, easy to manage storage device and instantly increase your storage reliability. For example, with 6TB of storage space, this Netgear RNDU6320 ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Network Storage NAS can store up to a massive 1.5 million songs, or 2.5 million photos. Netgear RNDU6320 ReadyNAS Ultra 6 supports both file sharing and server applications like Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server or VMware.

ReadyNAS Remote is a software application built-in to the Netgear RNDU6320 ReadyNAS Ultra 6 that makes it easy for you to access your ReadyNAS RNDU6320 no matter where your are just like you are at home. Setup and installation is easy! The ReadyNAS Remote feature means drag-and-drop over a secure connection between any computer and your ReadyNAS. No more firewall, VPN or awkward Web-based remote access solutions.

ReadyNAS Vault is an automatic backup and disaster recovery option for network data available with all Netgear RNDU6320 ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Network Storage NAS. ReadyNAS Vault makes it easy for you to store and access files online, even when you are out of the office. Get immediate access to your data or restore lost files with just a few clicks.

Easy to Install and Configure
With an easy web browser interface and setup wizard, the Netgear RNDU6320 ReadyNAS Ultra 6 can be configured with minimal effort - saving you valuable time. Traditional file servers can take hours to configure and, even once up and running, don't have built-in system monitoring and email alerts, a built-in 'Automatic Alert' feature on the Netgear RNDU6320 ReadyNAS Ultra 6 offers peace of mind that things are running smoothly, if trouble should arise, you'll be alerted instantly!

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