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Thomson TG589vn v3 ADSL2+/VDSL WiFi Router w/ 3G Support (300Mbps N)
The Thompson TG589vn v3 acts as a central hub for distribution of all content from any device to any device in the home....
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£51.32 / £42.77 ex vat
Thomson TG589vac AC1300 Simultaneous Dual-Band VDSL2/ADSL2+ WiFi Router (1300Mbps AC)
The Thomson TG589vac WiFi Router is one of the first dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi ultra broadband routers to feature the next-generation IEEE 802.11ac w...
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Price TBC
Thomson TG582N WiFi ADSL2+ Router (300Mbps N)
The Thomson TG582N offers a seamless connection of wired and wireless devices from anywhere in and around the home....
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£36.95 / £30.79 ex vat
Thomson TG799vac v2 Simultaneous Dual-Band VDSL WiFi Router (600Mbps N)
The Thomson TG799vac offers Simultaneous Dual-Band WiFi AC for high-speed home networking...
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£83.99 / £69.99 ex vat

A WiFi Router offers flexibility in that you can share your high speed broadband with a mixture of wired and WiFi connectivity or just pure WiFi connectivity without the need of the main computer being switched on. We have an extensive range of ADSL WiFi Routers, Cable WiFi Routers, and Fibre WiFi RoutersĀ for home users and small to medium sized businesses. We also provide WiFi routers where additional functionality is required, such as VoIP, 3G/4G failoverĀ and secure VPN access.

The difference between N and AC WiFi Routers

  • WiFi-N (802.11n)

    is the current generation of high-speed WiFi Router, capable of delivering the range and capacity to support today's most bandwidth-hungry applications, like streaming HD (High Definition) video, voice and music and playing multiplayer online games. The standard for WiFi-N is 300Mbps, though 150Mbps, 450Mbps, 600Mbps, 750Mbps and 900Mbps variation are available, however as with all Wi-Fi you must use a WiFi adapter that is capable of supporting the higher speeds to achieve the benefits.
  • WiFi-AC (802.11ac)

    is the next generation of WiFi technology and is currently under development. WiFi-AC supports speeds over 1Gbps when used the other WiFi-AC compatible devices. WiFi-AC is also backwards compatible with WiFi-N

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