VoIP / SIP FXO Adapters

By connecting an analogue telephone that is already in your house to a FXO/FXS VoIP ATA, you can benefit from receiving and making normal calls over your telephone line and low cost, crystal clear VoIP calls via a router which is connected to the Internet (and you don't need to turn on your PC). Having an FXO/FXS VoIP ATA allows you to have each phone with its own VoIP line and make simultaneous VoIP Calls, Forward/receive PSTN calls from VoIP and visa versa.

Differences between an FXO and FXS ports

  • FXO ports
    • Connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN is the conventional phone line).
    • Having an FXO port on the adapter will allow you to switch between making/receiving calls VoIP calls (over the Internet) and calls over the PSTN (Analogue phone line).
  • FXS ports
    • Connect to analogue phones or fax machines.
    • Each FXS port will enable you to connect an analogue telephone to the adapter to make or receive calls.
    • VoIP adapters sometimes have more than 1 x FXS ports. 2 x FXS ports for example, would allow you to have 1 cordless DECT phone and one fax machine connected to the VoIP adapter, or 2 phones each with their own VoIP line.